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Jamaican Vs Italian Coffee; Grinder, Green Coffee Beans, & The Various Types Of Makers There Are

Updated on November 18, 2013

Jamaican Coffee

There are many types of coffee beans that are cultivated worldwide, but none of them compare to the taste and flavor that Jamaican coffee gives to the coffee drinkers. This is the reason why this label is very expensive; in fact it comes on the market with the most expensive price tag attached to its name. A pound of this coffee is around $41 when it is sold in a coffee shop outside Jamaican territory. Jamaican people will only pay between $10 and $22 per pound for this coffee. But let's find out more about this coffee and the reasons that make it be the most sought-after coffee worldwide.

Jamaican coffee originates in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and it has gained its trademark in an official way since only this type of coffee is recognized by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica under this brand. More than this, the same officials supervise the nurturing of this coffee with its cultivation across the region of Blue Mountains. In fact the plantations of these beans should occur at above 2,000 feet altitude and the higher the plantation is the higher becomes the value of Jamaican coffee. Not to mention that its quality and the demand for this brand will increase as well.

One other reason that brings more flavor to this coffee making it the most desirable brand across the world is the process of roasting it. This process takes place out in the open with the fire burning the pan that holds the beans.

If you ask the coffee connoisseurs you will find them talking about Jamaican coffee as being very rich in flavor with a hint of sweetness and low acidity. Its aroma proves to be very strong but in a savory manner. There are other types of Jamaican coffee that you can enjoy drinking such as Jamaica Select, Jamaica Prime and High Mountain Supreme.

Italian Coffee

Coffee drinkers are quite familiar with many types of coffee beverages that are found across Italian territory. You will find as such Espresso coffee, cappuccino and caffe normale (the usual coffee) some of the various types of Italian coffees.

You will be amazed to find out that brewing coffee is almost a tradition for Italian people the same way pastas are for them. You can get a coffee drink that is prepared for almost any type of event or occasion when visiting Italy. For instance you can get a cappuccino with a brioche for a morning snack, or a caffè corretto for a drink or you can chill off with a cup of granita di caffè con panna in one of the sunny Italian afternoons.

If you wonder which of the Italian coffee types are the most famous then find out that cappuccino, café latte and café corretto count among the most popular ones. To prepare a cup of cappuccino you will need to combine espresso café (1/3) with milk (1/3).

It is usually served in a cup made of ceramics in order to preserve it hot when you drink it. If you want to enjoy the taste of café corretto, you should know that its name comes from 'correcting' the coffee drink with cognac and grappa. As to the café latte, this one is made of coffee beverage combined with milk which in Italian is called 'latte'. This combination includes more milk than coffee.

Italian coffee has become very famous worldwide and thanks to its various styles it has influenced as well the way many coffee drinks are prepared and swerved these days.

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Coffee Grinder - Things to Consider

It is said that if you want to enjoy a good cup of coffee, the best way to do this is by grinding the coffee beans on your own before brewing it. Many people prefer grinding the coffee beans and for this you will need to purchase a coffee grinder to count among your kitchen 'tools'. You must know that many restaurants will grind the coffee beans before serving you with a strong cup of espresso. This is because coffee drink can preserve the natural taste of roasted coffee when it is freshly ground. More than this, the stimulating effect of coffee can be easily felt when serving the cup of coffee in this manner.

Making use of a coffee grinder will only release the coffee bean aromas and its oils before you actually brew it in a pot. In the past, these devices were used primarily by coffee houses and you could purchase the coffee in its ground version. The coffee grinders in these houses contained the blades that could be drawn closer or separated at a certain distance by making use of a screw. This screw could be tightened or loosened in accordance to the way one wanted to grind the coffee beans.

Over the years, coffee grinders were designed to be mounted on the wall or to simply place them on the counter in the kitchen. You didn't have to hold this device in your hands any more when you needed to grind the coffee beans.

One other benefit of using the coffee grinder comes from the fact that with this procedure you can avoid losing the oils and the natural aromas of the beans. You must have noticed in the meanwhile that keeping ground coffee in open space, this one will lose its flavor as the powder will lose the original oils of the ground beans.

Green Coffee Beans

Did you know that the taste of coffee is largely determined by various factors and all of them relate to green coffee beans and the way these ones are processed? Beans are actually the seeds coming from coffee plants that are cultivated on various lands and regions of the world. Green beans are usually sent to places where they see a whole process of roasting that turns them into coffee powder out of which you make your coffee cup to wake you in the morning.

The main factors that contribute to the coffee taste are: country of origin where the plants are cultivated, variety of coffee beans, the preparation after harvesting, as well as the roasting procedure. More than 50 countries produce coffee while this production ensures income for millions of people worldwide. There are as well the types of coffees that can be obtained while pouring hot water over dried granules of coffee. These types are known as instant coffees and are available on the market for those who do not feel like preparing their coffee beverage instead use the instant type to ease up their task.

Once green coffee beans reach the destination, they are further roasted and through the roasting process many chemical properties and physical changes occur. As a result, the coffee freshly roasted will get a special flavor and aroma that is enjoyed by many people worldwide. Robusta is a main group of coffee that is cultivated at altitudes of below 800 m. It is known that with higher altitudes that coffee beans are grown, the taste and the flavor of the coffee can become richer and thus more expensive on the consumer market.

Coffee Makers - How Many Types Are There?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages across the world and also a very old one. You can find coffee under various names, these ones being given in accordance to the region where the coffee beans are harvested. One example is the Jamaican Coffee, but you can find as well names of coffee in accordance to the country where this one is brewed, such as it is for instance Turkish coffee.

This following section, I will introduce you to coffee maker types that are available out there in the world:

* Espresso machine - makes use of very fine coffee grounds and it takes around 15 minutes to produce 5 cups (4 ounces) of coffee. The result: a very strong and consistent coffee beverage.

* Automatic drip coffee maker - is a coffee maker through which the beverage won't come as a hot drink but instead it will appear much clear. You should use fin ground coffee for this device and it will take you around 8 minutes to produce 6 coffee cups.

* French press plunger - makes use of white powder and grinds instead of paper filters and it will take around 6 minutes to obtain 4 coffee cups while coarse or regular ground coffee is used.

* Percolator - is an electric device that makes use of regular grind coffee to produce 6 cups of coffee in an interval of about 16 minutes. This coffee maker will produce hot and clear looking coffee drink that tastes great.

* Turkish Briki - makes use of fine coffee grounds and in order to get one cup of coffee with this coffee maker you should wait around 10 minutes to drink a very strong but clear cup of coffee.


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