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Jamie Oliver Quiche

Updated on November 3, 2012

These days, the awareness of the linkage between the human health and the food that is eaten is spreading. People are generally showing more concern for the food they put into their mouth and don’t just eat anything they see. Quiche recipes are now being followed and Jamie Oliver Quiche is one of the ones that many people have now grown to love. Quiche recipes generally are good for various health reasons and they are also so economical and easy to prepare. The basic design of quiches is to have few carbs but this will depend on what you have decided to include in your recipe for yourself. The less you include all fattening ingredients and high carbohydrate containing foods, the more chance you will have in achieving a good dietary plan or recipe.

Preparation & Ingredients

If you are not particular about a type of quiche, you will probably land what is referred to as a basic quiche. This can be made by whisking 6 eggs with cream and about ¼ cup of water. Often times you are left to the choice of your favorite combination of seasonings and fillings. This would be baked in the oven at about 350 degrees for up to 30 to 40 minutes until the top of the quiche turns brown. This is allowed to set for 15 minutes after it has been removed from the oven. So much free-hand is allowed when preparing this type of quiche and possibilities for the fillings that may be used is endless. You will just have to make sure that all raw food items like veggies and meat are properly cooked.

When quiches are mentioned it is most probable you will hear of Jamie Oliver Quiche otherwise I may conclude you are not up to date on information about quiches. If you are lost on the types of ideas you can use to make healthy and wholesome quiches, you should think Jamie Oliver. There are several quiche recipes that have been made available by Jamie Oliver that you will really be glad to try out. One particular thing I happen to enjoy with Jamie’s recipes is that there is a consideration for virtually everybody to find something suitable. So if you are a vegetarian or you have cravings for meat, there are so many health quiche recipes you can be provided with at the snap of your fingers.

For people like me who love meat, there is a huge variety of recipes that incorporates different types of meat as fillings. Fillings used for the recipes could be beef, pork or chicken. There are also recipes that make use of fish for fillings instead of meat. If you are a seafood enthusiast, you are certainly going to find what you are looking for in quiches with the recipes given by Jamie Oliver. For those who are vegetarians, there are special recipes that offer them no less pleasure. Veggies are used in place of meat in these recipes and they never got better with Jamie Oliver. The simple to follow and easy to use methods described make it very easy to prepare these recipes anytime you feel like it.

Perhaps the most consideration should be given to the fact that a Jamie Oliver quiche has so much emphasis on health benefits of quiches. All ingredients used are the ones that can promote the good health benefits for those who are on strict diets or those who have some health complications.


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