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Jelly Bean Factory Gourmet Beans Product Review - Multiple Flavors For A Sweet Tooth

Updated on August 7, 2012

Who hasn’t got a sweet tooth – come on, own up! There are precious few people who can honestly claim not to have a single weakness when it comes to sweet, naughty snacks. Whether it’s chocolate, boiled sweets, nougat or jelly babies, or whatever else it might be that takes your fancy, there’s bound to be something in the vast and varied range of confectionery available to us these days that hits the spot for you and has you breaking resolutions, and probably your diet into the bargain.

It seems as if chocolate is usually the most popular culprit for this, going by repeated surveys of the general public. But it has a few increasingly popular competitors, as old traditional candies and sweeties get a re-vamp and re-imagining from image-conscious marketers. One of these competitors is the jelly bean: an old-fashioned sweet that’s been given a whole new image and a huge range of fantastic flavours.

I do suspect that the popular resurgence of the jelly bean may possibly owe something to the Harry Potter phenomenon and Bertie Bott’s xxx xxxx. How could it not? The tentacles of the Potter phenomenon spread far and wide, even into the area of candy! But also the 'up-marketization' of many and various products is a well-established marketing tactic, including in the candy market. Upgrade the packaging, improve the quality (perhaps a little), quadruple the price and bob's yer uncle! Plus the whole nostalgia factor can be thrown in as a potential enhancement to sales.

There are several different brands of this new generation of high quality gourmet jellybeans, and one of the foremost is the Jelly Bean Factory Gourmet Beans brand. Not cheap, but phenomenally delicious, this brand is one of my favourites for cinema snacking. They're wonderful to eat in the dark: every bean is a delightful surprise (except when it's the Tropical Punch, which has a curiously fishy flavour. But one nasty bean is rather like the coffee Revel – it just adds to the fun!) Why not get yourself a tube of Jelly Bean Factory Gourmet Beans today?


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