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Jollibee Delivery Philippines: Menu, Number, and Minimum Price

Updated on January 16, 2015

Jolibee Delivery Philippines: Call 8-7000

Jollibee is a popular fast food restaurant in the Philippines. In recent years it has expanded to branches outside of the country, including Hawaii and Los Angeles. Jollibee's menu is perfectly attuned to the taste of the Filipino people. And now, in just 30 minutes you can have your Jollibee food delivered to the comfort of your home.

The number for Jollibee delivery is 8-7000.

In this article I will share my personal recommendations from the Jollibee delivery menu.

Jollibee Menu

Jollibee Menu
Jollibee Menu

Here are the items available for delivery from Jollibee and their prices:

Chicken Meals, all come with regular soft drink:

  • One-piece Chickenjoy (original or spicy) with rice (P91.30)
  • One-piece Chickenjoy (original or spicy) with spaghetti (P110.00)
  • One-piece Chickenjoy (original or spicy) with palabok (P124.30)
  • One-piece Chickenjoy (original or spicy) with half-order of spaghetti or palobok, rice, brownie, corn, and carrots (P137.50)
  • Two-piece Chickenjoy (original or spicy) with rice (P140.50)
  • Six-piece Chickenjoy Bucket (original or spicy) (P385.00)

Burgers and sandwich value meals, all come with regular fries and a regular soft drink:

  • Yum Burger (P62.70)
  • Yum Burger with cheese (P78.10)
  • Yum Burger with TLC (tomato, lettuce, and catsup) (P84.70)
  • Double Yum Burger (P88.00)
  • Double Yum Burger with cheese (P100.00)
  • Double Yum Burger with TLC (P106.70)
  • Amazing Aloha Burger: double burger with pineapple, cheese, lettuce, and bacon (P121.00)
  • Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Burger (P121.00)
  • Champ Burger: extra-large patty with fresh tomatoes and lettuce (P137.50)
  • Jolly Hotdog Classic (P77.00)
  • Chili Cheese Dog (P77.00)
  • Hotdog with bacon and mushroom (P77.00)

Rice Meals and Noodle Value Meals, all come with regular soft drink:

  • One-piece Burger Steak with rice (P59.40)
  • Two-piece Burger Steak with rice (P81.40)
  • Jollibee Crispy Bangus (P79.20)
  • Jollibee Spaghetti (P62.70)
  • Jollibee Spaghetti with Yum Burger (P89.10)
  • Palabok Fiesta (P77.00)

Jollibee Desserts and Prices

  • Peach Mango (Zert) Pie (P24.20)
  • Swirly Bitz (Cookies & Cream) (P31.90)
  • Sundae (Chocolate, Black Forest, or Rocky Road Brownie) (P39.60)
  • Jolly Krunchy Twirl (Chocolate or Vanilla) (P16.50)
  • Ice Craze (Ube Keso or Mais Con Hielo) (P31.90)
  • Ice Craze Special with vanilla soft-serve ice cream (Ubu Keso or Mais Con Hielo) (P42.90)
  • Ice Craze Macapuno de Leche Special with vanilla soft serve ice cream (P42.90)

My Recommendations from the Jolibee Delivery Menu

One thing you can order from the Jollibee delivery menu that will never do you wrong is Jollibee Chickenjoy. If you want to try something surely suited for Filipino tastes, go with the Jolibee Spaghetti. If you want to try something that is more in tune with the culture of the Philippines you can try out Jolibee Palabok Fiesta.

Their burgers are amazing as well. My favorite is the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom which is an absolute delight if you are very hungry. For groups, you can save money by ordering a bucket of Chickenjoy.

The best desserts are the Zert Pie, a peach-mango pastry, and the Ice Craze, which is a combination of crushed ice, milk, Rice Crispies, tropical fruit, which can be topped with vanilla ice cream.

Jollibees 39ers Menu and Prices

Jollibee 39ers Menu
Jollibee 39ers Menu

Now, Jollibee is even more affordable with their 39-peso meals. That is an incredible value for your money!

The 39ers Menu includes:

  • One-piece Burger Steak with vegetables and rice
  • Four-piece Shanghai Rolls with vegetables and rice
  • Beef Strips with vegetables and rice


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    • profile image

      Bing 6 weeks ago

      I love to order and deliver on sunday

    • profile image

      Annalyn sinlao 5 months ago

      Deliver tonight if okay

    • profile image

      09161107353 3 years ago


    • profile image

      jun 3 years ago

      kindly update your price menu tnx

    • profile image

      maldita 3 years ago

      I loVe kare kare in aristocrat

    • profile image

      dennis 4 years ago

      i dialed jollibee dedlivery 87000 at 2.09pm dec.8, 2013 to place an order. i spoke to mayla and she took my order, which was 1 2pc chicken, 1 spaghetti, and 1 large fries. and she told me the total bill was 235 pesos. i placed the order under my wife's name because i was going out. and so i waited. and when i couldn't wait any more, i called again at around 3.30 but while waiting the call got disconnected. so i called the third time, and this was around 3.45pm. i spoke to patrick who saidhe will check on it and that he will call me back. so i waited again. around 4.15pm, i called in for the fourth time. i spoke to angel del rosario. and so i explained everything again, she said she'll check on it. but i insisted that i spoke to her boss or manager. and so she made me wait, i waited for 10mins on the phone. when she got, she said she couldn't get hold of any manager or supervisor. i told her i cant wait anymore and asked her that i want her supervisor right away. and so she made me wait again. after mwaiting for another 10mins, i got to talk to her supervisor named jason javier or vergara, im not so sure about the last name. so apologies left and right, but it did not help at all. he said he listened to the recording and yes i placed an order at around 2.09pm. but the lady i spoke to the first time did not process it. and all he can offer was to get my order again so that the agent can process it already. and he said he'll give a 200peso gift certificate, lucky me!!??? i told him that he can check the recording again and get my order from there. and this was almost 3hours after my first call. at around 5.30pm the food finally arrived. relieved??? not a bit. they didn't even get my order correctly. why am i surprised?!! what was delivered was 1 2pc chicken, 2 spaghetti with chicken and a large fries. and so i paid 398.20pesos instead of 235pesos. and there was no gc as promised. i really don't know what they were thinking. so i asked the driver where the gc is, and he told he didn't get anything gc or any instruction about it. and so i explained it to him again. he said he'll check it and he'll come back. thank god he did, then he gave a 200peso gift certificate. thank you! but no thanks, not a single nerve was relieved.

      this is unacceptable. my kid was waiting for her food, she ended up sleeping because of waiting and waiting... i called in your hotline five times, and i think i spent almost an hour on the phone. you should pay my phone expenses, re-imburse my payment for the delivery and compensate whatever needs to be, apologize for the awful and disgusting service, and do something about your employees. i know for a fact that the manager or supervisor i spoke to was just pretending to take me seriously. especially the first lady i spoke with who did not process my order, and to patrick who promised to call me but never did. and angel del rosario who was trying to play waiting games with me. i waited on the phone too long and when got back to me, she had nothing! i don't know how you get your people, but they are the worst people i've ever spoken to. im not trying to get someone fired, im trying to get the problem behavior solved.

      you can contact me thru 0922-5553159

    • profile image

      rosela 4 years ago




    • profile image

      Maan 4 years ago

      Nobodys answering my call on 8-7000. What happened? sayang bulk order pa naman ito for san pedro branch.....

      could somebody please tell someone to pick-up the phone and answer our calls. sayang naman mga ads nyo pati sales nyo affected...

    • profile image

      NiƱO GABRIEL G ROQUE 5 years ago


    • profile image

      theann 5 years ago

      isang buing araw na ata koh nagdidial para makapag order till now ala pa din sumasagot WHAAAAATTTTT happen? KAIIIIIIIIINISSSSSSSSSSS talga....

    • profile image

      DHENZ 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Lynn 5 years ago

      I love jolibee.

    • profile image

      Lynn 5 years ago

      Add Your Commei lovent...

    • profile image

      arjay calata 5 years ago

      gutom na ako........ miss ko nang kainin ang burger

    • profile image

      Eddie Jardinico 5 years ago

      Your promotions department is very very very poor . We cannot even contact you by telephone, Your site posted a tel number to contact but theres nothing to call, Pinoy talaga, 20 years pa tayo behind sa technology.

    • profile image

      shiela 5 years ago

      I love jollibee....i want to franchise this me how?...

    • profile image

      shiela 5 years ago

      I love jollibee....i want to franchise this me how?...

    • profile image

      maridel 5 years ago

      i love jolibee since birth, thanks to jolibee to make me hapi...........

    • profile image

      neilmarksaludez 5 years ago

      sarap ng pagakin

    • profile image

      shienna 5 years ago

      i love at ang sarap ng food sa jollibee lalu kung free

    • profile image

      JVG6T 5 years ago


    • profile image

      quennie 5 years ago

      i love you jollibee super sarap ng mga pagkaen talagha:))))))))

    • profile image

      joshua ivan ramores 6 years ago

      ang sarap na man nang jollibee mo ang sarap na man

      i love you


    • profile image

      steph 6 years ago

      ang sarap kumain sa jollibie weeeeeeeweeeeeet

    • profile image

      lance 6 years ago

      i love it

    • profile image

      rhona 6 years ago

      hindi complete lunch ko kapag walang choco sundae! love it so much...

    • profile image

      jazzelle venice r arao 6 years ago

      wow sarap.....

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      yung 8-7000 na hotline nila, ring lang ng ring for almost two days, walang nasagot. naubusan na ba kayo ng mga tao dyan sa hotline nyo?

    • profile image

      princess 6 years ago

      ang sarap ng spaggetti

    • profile image

      fhe 6 years ago

      very poor! it takes more than an hour b4 madeliver ung food na order nmen! auko na magorder d2! swear! masarap sana ang food pero nadisappoint ako sa tagal ng delivery...

    • profile image

      Niel Garcia 6 years ago

      The call center agent that I spoke to named Gerald Santiago was rude. I was asking him a question about delivery and he responded with a sigh instead of answering my question. Not only that, when we were telling him our orders he sounded so confused and so unfocused. What an irritating jollibee delivery agent! He seemed that he doesn't know what he's doing! I would like to make a formal complaint about him!

    • profile image

      jasmin odeza sta.maria 6 years ago

      Short but Cute jollibee conversation between me and mom

      (when i was 11yrs.old -f.y.i im18 now mag 19 sa april 11.sna magkagift check ako ng jollibee kahit 39ers ln wit drinks haha)

      Mom: bunso, why are you so sad?

      Jasmin: nothing mom.

      Mom: if u don't wanna tell me wht you're sad, just tell me how will i make you happy..

      Jasmin: (successful idea!) JOLLIBEE mom!!! I want JOLLIBEE.. :)


    • profile image

      Dada 6 years ago

      I love the jollibee chicken joy, walang tatalo!

    • profile image

      jhen 6 years ago

      ang hirap mag connect sa delivery hotline nyo super

    • profile image

      chenez 6 years ago

      i love you

    • profile image

      lykah 6 years ago

      i love jollibee its my favorite

    • profile image

      trent reznor 6 years ago


      mwah mwah LOVE YOU JOLLIBEE???

    • profile image

      mark-aquarius25 6 years ago

      i love jollibee...

      they had the nice service.. and nice operations...

      and of course nicest foods and delicious menus for affordable prices....

      that is why no doubt and i believe that jollibee is the best fast food chain in the world...

      no. ONE [1]..


    • profile image

      zenaida cataquiz 6 years ago

      i hate jollibee-pilar branch..stupid delivery crew..late na nga sila..put the blame on us pa..smantalang i provided the accurrate address..hmmppf!!!!but kudos for store manager JOHN BERNAEZ for being so professional handling the complaint

    • profile image

      cvenmat 6 years ago

      we love jollibee :)

    • profile image

      mary joy boquiren 6 years ago

      i love you jollibee...

      matagal na kong inlove sayo kaso di naman tayo pwede..:(

    • profile image

      cindy jane calda 6 years ago

      ilove to eat fried chicken and ice cream . all the foods in the jollibee is so delicious

    • profile image

      joel 6 years ago

      super like your chicken and mushroom spag/pasta

    • profile image

      christopherjohn felix 6 years ago

      love jolibee

    • profile image

      ninyacoh_fortuno 6 years ago

      isa pa!!! isa pa!!!! isa pang chicken joy....!!! =)

    • profile image

      jeoffrey quiritan 6 years ago

      jollibe is my favorite meal

    • profile image

      ririmoniera 6 years ago

      eight seven thousand jollibee delivery.......memorise na ng cashier name ko sa Jollibee Regalado!! wahahahahaha

    • profile image

      zalvie 6 years ago

      ***dahil bida ang saya! di lang pang bata, pang matanda din! more power to jobeee

    • profile image

      rizza 6 years ago

      super sarap palabok and champ!!!!

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Isabella 6 years ago


    • profile image

      danielle 6 years ago

      hey, how much is palabok with chicken without drinks??? o.O

    • profile image

      rio 6 years ago

      i love jollibee so much since i was a child,,,,,,

    • profile image

      Carla 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Sherrie Faye Recio 6 years ago

      I really love jollibee

    • profile image

      aiza bagarinao 6 years ago

      just the way i like my food to be.. jollibee..

    • profile image

      krista 6 years ago

      i love everything...

    • profile image

      Anna 6 years ago

      ...we love jollibee so much...

    • profile image

      kathleen magadia 6 years ago

      i love CHAMP burger

    • profile image

      jenne cute ;) 6 years ago

      .... i love jollibee...... tlagang pang pilipinong restaurant..... pangmasang pagkain..... ;).... GodBless sa lahat....

    • profile image

      YHEN 6 years ago


    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      i love big MAC

    • profile image

      matthew james 6 years ago

      sana lumaki na ako pra madala na aq ni mommy sa dat i can eat der..i'm craving for the chicken joy der...i love jollibee.....

    • profile image

      MJ 6 years ago

      I love all menu of jollibee,sana laging may pera so I can afford to eat there everyday:-)

    • profile image

      charisse ann corral 6 years ago

      i love chickenjoy

    • profile image

      Judith 6 years ago

      Bu Ko Ug Chicken Joy Crispy


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