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Jones Soda Review: 2008 Halloween Flavors

Updated on March 1, 2011

Seeing as how every store is replacing the last of their back to school supplies with halloween decorations and candy, I decided to stop by the local Target to see if they had the new 2008 Jones Soda Halloween flavors. Sure enough, I noticed the familiar bottles and cans as I turned the corner into the halloween section. During the holiday season, Jones Soda Co. has a deal with Target to exclusively sell their latest concoctions in their store. This year is no exception. With the return of the highly popular Candy Corn flavor, Jones has introduced several new flavors for the halloween season: Dread Apple, Blood Orange, Buried Pomegranate, and Spoookiwi (note: Buried Pomegranate and Spoookiwi are variations of regular Jones flavors). Other returning flavors include Lemon Drop Dead and Monster Mojito. I grabbed a case each of Blood Orange, Dread Apple, and Buried Pomegranate, and headed for the checkout. Upon returning home, I immediately tried Dread Apple and Blood Orange. Dread Apple tasted like a sweeter version of a storebrand apple soda that I sometimes drink. I've tasted better, but it was certainly delicious. Blood Orange has a much bolder taste than the traditional Orange Cream flavor, and packs a bit of a kick. I'm not sure if they actually use real blood oranges, but it's definitely a winner. These flavors would probably be good to drink year round, unlike last years flavors which consisted of Dread/Black Liccorice and Monster Mojito. I have not tried the Buried Pomegranate yet, but if it tastes anything like the Blueberry Pomegranate flavor that used to be sold at the Walmart by my house, I will definitely enjoy it.


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