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Jones Soda Review: Crushed Melon

Updated on March 1, 2011

Of all the different flavored sodas Jones Soda Co. makes, Crushed Melon is easily my favorite. As a Jones soda fanatic, I've tasted pretty much every standard flavor presently on the market, and this one definitely stands out. It is somewhat hard to determine what type of melon the soda gets its flavor from; it could be cantalope, honeydew, or a combination of the two. The result is a refreshingly smooth and sweet tasting soda. As with most Jones Soda flavors, this one is definitely better to drink cold, as it can be overpoweringly sweet and syrupy at room temperature. Unfortunately (at least in my findings), it is quite difficult to track down stores that carry this particular flavor. I have only seen it stocked in one Walmart in my town, while many other flavors such as Green Apple and Cream Soda can be found in numerous locations where I live.


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    • Sith Penguin profile image

      Sith Penguin 7 years ago

      Carson: It definitely was a great flavor, despite its elusiveness. Although it is technically not on the official retired products list, it (along with several other awesome flavors) sadly didn't make the cut during the label redesign. Still, if you're lucky enough to find some old stock, Jones Soda has claimed on occasion that their products tend to have an incredibly long shelf life.

    • profile image

      Carson 7 years ago

      I dont beleive it ever actually existed. not only was it hard to track down in stores. i couldnt even find it on the jones site. but yes it is friggin amazing. fantastic summer drink. or drink to make you feel like it is summer

    • profile image

      Levi 8 years ago

      I saw this the other day at Big Lots, of all places. (Grocery and convenience stores around here don't carry Jones at all anymore.)

      I don't really drink soda (I love Jones though,) but I might have to go grab a 4-pack of this to try! Cantaloupe and honeydew rule!

    • profile image

      Defmall 10 years ago

      Jones Soda ROCKS! This is a great Hub, too.

      I talk up Jones on

      RC Cola's got nothing on Jones.

    • profile image

      Melongirl 10 years ago

      Seriously-- I love this stuff! It tastes just like the canteloupe juice my mom used to make (she put the seeds in a blender, strained them and added sugar and water). I'm not a big soda drinker, but I love thist stuff!