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Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife Review

Updated on January 28, 2018

Joseph Bentley is a wonderful maker of high quality garden tools in the market for over 100 years and their range of traditional garden tools feature a customized look and an ergonomic feel of quality. The following review is about the Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife, an excellent addition to their wide range of garden tools. These are of great use when you are opting for a tool that clean cuts and prune roses, small shrubs and the like in your favourite garden. Continue reading the review to know more about this pruning knife.

Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife
Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife

Design Features:

The Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife (Product Code: JBY0277) is a very simple and useful garden tool that can be used for pruning roses, small shrubs and every live green wood things in your garden. Having a length of 23 cm, they are large enough to hold comfortably in your hands while you are less likely to drop them off or hurt your hands while pruning. They also look immensely stylish to provide you the feel of awe!

Carbon steel blade:

The blades of this knife is made from a high grade Carbon Stainless Steel. Not to mention, stainless steel blades are exclusively as sharp as they could be and does the need without having to put much effort. This pruning knife is simply great in its sharpness and cuts even small grasses and shrubs pretty easily. And moreover, these blades are hinged so that you can easily store them in your pockets safely.

About the oak handles:

The handles of this knife are really well built with an oak wood ensuring strength and durability. They provide a firm grip all over and has a smooth touch to perform your work quickly.

Safety lock mechanism:

This pruning knife features a safety lock mechanism whereby they can be easily stored in the pockets for an effortless and a safe carry. Also, they prevent the knife from closing whilst you are using it. However, you need very strong fingers to unlock this which is something very difficult at times.

Manufacturer Guarantee:

The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee for this pruning knife, against its manufacturing defects and faults from the original date of purchase.


This Pruning Knife is an excellent gardening tool from the Joseph Bentley’s collection of gardening tools. Featuring a strong oak handle along with the carbon stainless steel blade, the knife is super sharp and is simply the best for pruning roses, small shrubs and working with all the live green woods. The safety lock mechanism and the hinged blade makes the knife very easy for storage and comfortable to use. On the whole, this pruning knife is a very useful gardening tool that you will adore using them in your lovely garden.

Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife
Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife
Joseph Bentley
Model Name
Joseph Bentley Pruning Knife
Product code
Length of knife
23 cm
Carbon steel blades
Strong oak handle
Highlight features
Safety lock mechanism Hinged blade ideal for easy storage
Best use
Clean cut, Pruning of roses, Small shrubs & all live green wood
Manufacturer Guarantee
Lifetime guarantee

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