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Pasta Recipes

Updated on September 7, 2011



By John Farrier

Anyone can create simple sauces pasta will blend easily and well with. All it takes is delicious ingredients and personal taste buds. It is quick and fast to do this type of cooking. A lot of preparation is not needed. It is good to start with some kitchen basics to begin creating.

A bowl and a spoon for mixing are suggested to start with. A person might want to also incorporate a whisk and electric blender for beating liquid ingredients. Remember these are only suggestions. Each creator will need to use individual judgment. But, a person will not need to go to extremes to produce results. Most of the time whatever tools are already available will do well.

A decision will need to be made regarding the sauce and whether the taste will be textured or smooth. Some are smoother and easier to swallow, while others prefer a chewier choice. Consider vegetables of color, such as avocados, tomatoes, squash, or broccoli. These may be pureed for a more mellow feel, or chopped if that is preferred. For a coarse sauce, consider frying or baking the ingredients of choice.

Decisions regarding spices will be key. This can be a fun way of exploring variety, allowing for many different types of dishes. Consider experimenting with things that are enjoyable, such as combining herbs with spices.

Take a look at food groupings and try to decide on something that will suit the occasion that the meal is being prepared for. For meals with bland dishes, one may want a hotter taste. For middle of the road selections, one may want a smokier taste. This is something that should be considered and planned for.

Combine the choices and pour on top. Keep in mind pasta does not have to be only spaghetti. There are many kinds for sundry situations. Have fun with the variety of sauces pasta will blend and be tasty with for good meals.

About the Author:

The selection of sauces pasta is astounding. You can find dozens of recipes of pasta in many sorts of ethnic cuisine and cookbook.



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