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Justin Bieber Cupcake Stands

Updated on March 24, 2011

Justin Bieber Cupcake Stand


Justin Bieber Party Cupcakes

Are you searching for some Justin Bieber cupcake stands to show off your tasty cupcakes? If so you have come to the right place.

If you are having a Justin Bieber themed birthday party you may be interested in Justin Bieber cupcake stands to display the various cupcakes you make. These stands are a great way to show off your baking as well as providing easy reach for anyone who wants to sample them. A stand is necessary if you have cupcake toppers and cupcake plicks as these can get damaged if cupcakes are boxed away.  There are a range of cupcake stands available and these will be considered below. You can choose different sized stands depending on how many Justin Bieber cupcakes you plan to make.

This page will feature a variety of cupcake stands suitable for Justin Bieber cupcakes. These cupcake stands are a great way to present your freshly made cupcakes at your child's birthday party.

Justin Bieber Cupcake Stands

A Justin Bieber cupcake stand is a cupcake stand with lots of Justin Bieber cupcakes displayed on it. There are a range of cupcake stands which would look great with Justin Bieber cupcakes. I especially love this zebra print cupcake stand. This particular stand has three layers and can hold up to 40 Justin Bieber cupcakes. The stand itself is very pretty and will look good against a pink table cloth. For ample effect you can buy the pink zebra print baking cups.

If you would like a plainer cupcake stand then I suggest buying one of the Wilton cupcake stands, which represent excellent value for money. The cheaper Wilton cupcake stands offers spaces for 13 cupcakes, while the larger cupcake stand provides room for 38 cupcakes. This particular cupcake stand is very highly rated on Amazon with a feedback score of 4.5. It is reasonably priced and always on promotion at Amazon.

If you would like a white four tier cupcake stand then go for the third item on the list to the right. It holds 36 Justin Bieber cupcakes and would be a great asset to any party. Like the other Wilton cupcake stands this stand has a very high rating, of 4.5 with lots of positive reviews on Amazon. One of the main compliments of the stand is it sturdiness. The stand can be used to display Justin Bieber or any cupcakes, fruit and nuts or even crisps, whatever takes your fancy.

There are also larger cupcake stands, like the 5 tier one offered. I would add caution though because the more tiers there are the harder it is to reach to the top. So tall cupcake stands may not be suitable for young children.

Cupcake Stands

If you love making cupcakes for themed parties a cupcake stand is a must. The good thing about these stands is that they can be used time and time again, so make sure you pick well. You can choose from white cupcake stands, themed cupcake stands or silver cupcake stands. You can decorate the stands with cupcakes and whatever else you want. If you are using the white cupcake stand and your cupcakes are plain you may want to jazz it up a little by using fancy baking cups. I love bright colored baking cups as these can really light up a cupcake stand.

Will you be using one of these cupcake stands for your Justin Bieber cupcakes

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