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20 Wonderful K-Cups: Coffees, Teas, Cocoas and Herbal Preparations

Updated on June 4, 2019
Will Apse profile image

This author mainly writes about science and tech, but good PS3 Move games have a special place in his heart.

For me, the main advantage of the K-cup system, is that it can cater to the individual taste of as many people who encounter it. It is ideal any organization that wants to be welcoming, and it gives home users plenty of options too.

The main objective of this page is to point out just what a wonderful choice is available.

You will find:

  • coffee shop-style blends
  • barista-style indulgence
  • rich flavors where the coffee comes second
  • mochas
  • teas
  • herbal teas
  • cocoas and hot chocolates

Coffee Shop Blends

Espresso, cream and plenty of froth are the staple of the coffee shop experience. Here are a selection of k-cups that hit the right note, with light, medium, and dark roast flavors.

Coffee People's Donut Shop and Extra Bold Donut Shop

The Original Donut Shop Coffee pods from Coffee People are one of the coffees that helped put the Keurig on the map.

It really does taste like a quality medium roast coffee from a serious franchise.

Extra bold coffees can sometimes taste bitter or even sour but this reliable blend makes a good standard to keep in your kitchen.

Coffee People K-cups use the Diedrich K-cup design that always seems to get more taste from the coffee.

Dark Magic from Green Mountain

Green Mountain coffees are so good, Keurig bought the company. This 100 per cent Abarica, dark roast brew is one of the most popular varieties of a big collection, worth exploring.

All are Fair Trade certified and grown sustainably.

Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee

This one is guaranteed to open your eyes in the morning. It is thick very black and strong. I reckon I let slip my preference for Coffee People above but this gets more votes from more people who need strong and wont settle for anything less. It certainly has a great aroma.

It also uses 50 per cent Rainforest Alliance certified coffee so you are probably helping to save a tree, somewhere.

Timothy's World Coffee, Kona Blend

I would recommended this for anyone getting bored with their usual coffee. It has a pleasant, refreshing, slightly exotic taste. The coffee beans are grown in Hawaii and roasted in Canada so they have certainly seen the world before they sacrifice themselves for your taste buds.

The blend is kona coffee and arabica so don't expect a dark roasted, I've-been-shot -in-the- mouth type blast of coffee adrenalin. This coffee is medium strong, subtle and flavorful. Some people say it tastes of fruit and chocolate. I don't see coffee that way. I can just say that it is perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

Rich Dessert Flavors

Timothy's German Chocolate Cake

This is probably the best flavored coffee for a Keurig that you will find. It is genuinely chocolaty and has a medium strength, full bodied taste. The beans are high quality arabica which is good base for any coffee and the blend works in the machine.

Recommended if you feel you deserve a reward for a difficult day- it's a good substitute for a big slice of Black Forest Gateau. Unfortunately, the coffee has no cherry.

Gloria Jean's Swiss Chocolate Almond

The Swiss Chocolate Almond is the main rival to the German Chocolate Cake from Timothy's World. It is has plenty of devotees who say they never get tired of it. I would recommend it as an occasional drink when you are not looking for anything too strong. It is great when it is iced.

On a par, is the Hazelnut coffee from the same company. Fresh tasty and a pleasant change from bold coffees some of us must have in the mornings. It is also an economical coffee at a couple of dollars less than most K-cups for a pack.

Mild Coffees with Rich Tastes

Coffees Without a Strong Coffee Taste

If you are looking for a mild but flavorsome drink, these three will find a place in your heart:

  • Van Houttes Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
  • Van Houttes Creme Brulee
  • Green Mountains Caramel Vanilla Cream

If I find a talented baker, I might ask for the full-cake version of the Caramel Vanilla Cream...


Why Do You Like Keurig?

See results

De-Caf K-Cups

Eight O'Clock

Keurig's first (and for time, only) decaf is still a satisfying beverage. It is strong without being bitter and will keep the night jitters away.

The earlier problems with long brew times have long since disappeared.

Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf Coffee

OK, I am not a big fan of decaf but for some, people with medical conditions, like pregnant women etc. it might be the only option. So here is a decaf that is drinkable. It is a strong flavored coffee and people who like decaf rate it highly. I managed to finish my cup which is more than I can say for many decafs..


Tea can be strong, subtle, spicy or sharp. Just like people, really.

Twinings English Breakfast Tea

Luzianne Iced Tea

Tazo Tea Zen Green Tea

K-Cup Herbal Teas

Your K-cup does not need to be a caffeine-powered supercharger. Herbal preparations are ideal for unwinding and rich in antioxidants, trace minerals and vitamins.

Peppermint Tea from Twinings

Twinings of London has been selling specialty teas since 1706. Its peppermint variety is refreshing and smells wonderful and is undoubtedly good for you.

  • Reduces fever
  • Aids digestion
  • Helps with motion sickness
  • It relaxes the muscles of the throat and chest which helps with coughs.
  • Boosts the immune system with trace elements of vitamin B, potassium, antioxidants and calcium

Mandarin Orange Spice Herbal Tea

The fresh tang of orange is combined with cloves and other oriental spices. Very seductive.

Lemon Zinger

Lemon tea will cleanse your palate and your mind.

Apple cider k-cup
Apple cider k-cup

Apple Cider K-Cup

Apple cider vinegar tastes rather better in this k-cup preperation than most. And it probably does you good too.

Cocoa and Hot Chocloate

Perfect for winding down...
Perfect for winding down...

A Satisfying Cocoa!

Cocoa is wonderful for kids any time. For adults it is a fine antidote to too much excitement and genuinely aids sleep.

This has a rich milk chocolate flavor that is perhaps not as satisfying as a cocoa made with full cream milk and spoonfuls of sugar. But it is quick to make and very smooth on the tongue.

A Fine Chocolate

Smooth, creamy and entirely natural, milk chocolate from Mountain High.

The trick to getting the best taste with many chocolate K-cups is to pierce the top twice.

Insert pod, pierce, remove, turn ninety degrees, reinsert and pierce again, before brewing.

Still not Sure Which K-cup is Best for You?

If you are new to a Keurig and not sure what kinds of coffee you might like, one of the easiest ways forward is to buy a varied sample of fine coffees.

If you are tired of your tried and tested brands this is not a bad way to branch out, either.

Personally, I like to have a good variety of coffee to offer guests. With fifty, absolutely unique brewers, to choose from, every visitor will find something that they like.

Not sure what you might like? Want to sample something new? Try this selection.
Not sure what you might like? Want to sample something new? Try this selection.

Keurig Reusable Coffee Filter

You can use any ground coffee in a Keurig.

Before I quit, here is a quick plug for reusable Keurig filters.

If you grind you own coffee you can load it into the filter, slip the filter into the Keurig, and, hey presto! Fresh coffee for one. This can be a useful feature for dealing with coffee snobs. Tell then to bring their own ground coffee!

Make sure you buy the right filter for your machine, though. There are separate models for older and newer machines.

The results are pretty good for those who do not always want very strong coffee.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Lavazza Classico K cup is by far the best out there!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Lol - or just buy the reusable k-cup?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      BE ON GUARD! Bargain shops like Big Lots, carry K-cup styles that are just filled with instant coffee! No grounds or filters - check the weight and list if the rattle - DO NOT BUY! They taste like dishwater.

    • profile image

      Mike Chronos 

      10 years ago

      What's a Tea man doing on a coffee lover's page? If you haven't yet converted to coffee it's probably because you haven't had Chronos Coffee. Tea is great don't get me wrong but you haven't had coffee until you've tried some blends from Chronos.

    • maven101 profile image


      10 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Yes, indeed, I'm a Tea man...A Tea Party man...A red-blooded, rootin' tootin', Yankee Doodle Dandy of a Tea Party man...Go Sarah, Beat Blue...Larry

      ( Man, I have to cut down on that caffeine..)

    • Will Apse profile imageAUTHOR

      Will Apse 

      10 years ago

      Somehow, I thought you might be a tea man, Larry but if you enjoy the Jet Fuel, I think you will enjoy the Donut Shop Coffee.

    • maven101 profile image


      10 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Will...Thanks for this informative coffee Hub...I'm looking forward to tasting the Donut Shop coffees...never heard of them favs are Jet Fuel and Black Magic...

      Interesting vid on reusing the K-cup...Thanks, Larry


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