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Kashi GOLEAN Bars - Chocolate Turtle Roll

Updated on March 23, 2011

Kashi GOLEAN - Energy packed snack bar, but don't call it candy

You've probably seen plenty of advertising for the Kashi GOLEAN bars on television or on the back of cereal boxes. They are not technically a candy bar, as they fall a lot closer to the energy bar category.

Kashi has taken great care to make a product that fits in with the current diet idea that optimizing a food for glycemic response is important to keeping blood sugar levels stable and limiting how quickly the body can absorb energy from one item of food. 

The chocolate turtle roll is my favorite of the GOLEAN bars, and it features a nougat center that tastes like something you might find in a candy bar wrapped in a layer of nuts and grains. Although it packs a decent carbohydrate punch, it's slow release carbohydrates so you won't have a sudden spike in blood sugar followed later by a crash. It's this even keel approach to dieting that makes eating a Kashi GOLEAN bar better than drinking a cup of coffee or a Coke. 

In addition to providing energy, GOLEAN bars have protein and fiber, which will help satisfy your food cravings so you don't feel like eating one every hour, plus the fiber is good for your digestive health.

Although these bars have 8% of your daily recommended allowance of saturated fat (based on a 2000 calorie diet), they have no trans fats. In addition, they are not made with high fructose corn syrup or any partially hydrogenated oils. If you're Jewish, you'll be happy to know that these bars are Kosher in addition to being all natural.  

The one bad thing I have to say about these bars is that they are expensive. In your local grocery story they will typically be about $1.80 per bar. Yes, the grocery stores do actually sell them by the bar. You can also buy them by the box, but you don't save much. Surprisingly, I've found them online for much cheaper. They were about $1 per bar on Amazon, and you can save another 15% if you use their subscribe and save program, which means you set a schedule for them to send them to you and bill you at regular intervals (like say, every 2 months they send you a couple new cases). This brings the price down to about half of the price per bar in the grocery store.

Although I've never used these as a meal replacement (I always eat a hearty breakfast of Irish oatmeal with maple syrup to get me through the morning), I know others who have and they seem to be satisfied.  


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