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Kebab Restaurants in Manila

Updated on November 23, 2012

Kebab Restaurants in Manila

Aside from being the capital city of the Philippines, Manila is the place where you can find many varieties of entertaining bars, cafes, casinos, and clubs up to the famous hotels. Not only that – it also has many restaurants which focus on the many delectable foods not just the Filipino cuisine but also that of the foreign cuisines. Arabic, Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Kebab restaurants are becoming popular in Manila and I guess almost everyone who visits Manila is aware of the existence of these restaurants. But in case, you want to know more, let me share with you some useful information about these kebab restaurants.

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Kebab Restaurants

Jerusalem Restaurant - Has two branches such as in Makati and Malate, which showcases many specialties such as Shawarma, Kebab, Hummus, Taboulla and many others.

Hossein’s Persian Restaurant - Aside from its specialty in Arabic cuisine, it also gives you Indian cuisine for a different taste. Its specialties include Kebab and Grilled Meat, Mix Kebab I, Chelou Lamb Shish Kebab, Hossein’s Appetizer and many more! This restaurant has many locations: in Makati Avenue, Serendra, Green Belt, The Fort Strip and Trinoma.

Baghdad Kebab - Company which is located in Pasig City and has specialties which include Chicken Kebab, Beef Kebab, Vegetable Kebab, Shawarma Rice, Chicken Biryani and many others.

Uncle Saddam’s Shawarma Grill - Located in Malate and Manila where you can find many varieties of shawarma from beef up to chicken.

Shomal - Located in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City, serving many varieties of Arabic foods which range from Kebab foods up to Shawarma and has interior furniture and colors are decorated with the Arabian style.

Kashmir - Located in two branches such as Ermita and Makati. Its specialties include Khaas Seekh Kabab which features the Chef’s personalized mixture of herbs and spices, with the meat of a minced lamb, Samomas, an Indian fried pastry that has fillings depending on your desired flavor such as potatoes and green peas, chicken and mutton, and Kashmir Gosht Biryani, a cooked meat of either beef or chicken mutton, combined with an Indian specialty.

The Kebab Factory - Located in Forbestown Center, Taguig and SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong. Its featured specialties include Beef Kebab, Chicken Mast Kebab, Saffron Fish Kebab and many others.

Mister Kabab - Located in U.P. Ayala Land Technohub, Diliman, Quezon City. It features the special Chelou Kabab with a garlic sace, Shish Kabab, Chicken Kabab Sandwich, Keema, a ground beef combined with spices and eggplant, and other varieties including those that suits for the vegetarians.

New Bombay - Has four branches such as in Glorietta, Salcedo Village and The Columns in Makati, and The Podium in Mandaluyong. It has Egg Biryani, Chicken Samosa (a ground chicken with a filling of empanada), Palin Sweet Lassi, Hot Indian Tea and many other Indian foods.

Queens at Bollywood - Can be found in Makati, is serving what they call as ‘Super Soup’ characterized by its Rasam, a spicy South Indian soup which is made up of some lentils.

Swagat Indian Cuisine - Located in Legazpi Village, Makati, is now serving many foods such as that of the vegetarians: the vegetarian specialties, Paneer, Biryani and many others. It also serves Bhendi Fry, sliced okra which is then fried and garnished with some spices.

Persia Grill - Located in many places such as in SM Megamall Mandaluyong, SM North Edsa in Quezon, Eco Plaza in Ermita, and University Mall in Manila. Its served specialties include beef shawarma, beef kebab, chicken barbeque, and grilled boneless milkfish.

Ghazal Restaurant - Even if this type of restaurant is not that big and can only accommodate small amount or quantity of people, still, it serves qualify foods which has a combination of foods from that of the Iranian and Arabic cuisines. Aside from that, the price is so affordable. It is located in Ermita.

Shawarma Snack Center - Which serves meat from the Grill (a packeage of grilled meat), seafood from the Grill (a package of mix seafood), fish kebab, and steam fish with garlic soy sauce and many other recipes. It is usually found in its 3 branches such as in Malate, Waltermart Makati and B.F. Homes in Parañaque.

Mazza Shawarma - Which serves many shawarma varieties such as the beef shawarma wrap, chicken shawarma wrap, shawarma rice and other foods related to kebabs and with wraps. It is found in Ugong, Pasig City.

Mana – ish and more! - Located in Makati, which actually serves Hummus, (Middle Eastern combination of chick peas, lemon, olive oil and tahine), biryani, and others.

What is Kebab?

Kebab or kabab, can be translated into English as the Shish kebab, is actually a dish or a meal which consists mainly of meat (chicken, beef, fish, lamb, goat or even shellfish) which is then skewered into a bamboo stick and grilled. Aside from meat, various types of vegetables such as chopped tomatoes, large bell peppers, and others, are also added for those people who preferred it that way or those who are just fond of eating vegetables or vegetarians.

Kebab is usually served with vegetables over a bowl or plate full of rice, or accompanied by bread. You can dip it into a sauce such as on a cacik, a Turkish sauce, and served on a bamboo skewer or on a serving plate. It has two most common types and those are the ones called barg (a grilled meat of that of a lamb, beef or chicken in a style inspired by the Persian cuisine) and koobideh (a minced meat from a lamb, beef, or chicken and usually served with the combination of parsley and some onions).


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