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Keurig K75: Product Review

Updated on October 27, 2013

I spent months deciding whether or not I wanted a Keurig. I come from a family that has been using Mr. Coffee for years. I'm way too much of a coffee snob to assume that k cups are fresh. I'm stuck in my ways of Eight o clock Colombian ground finely at the store. Sure, I knew about the reusable cups, but even then I wanted to wait a few months to see if I REALLY wanted one.

So I waited a good four months and watched every single video on Keurigs I could find. They had more models than I thought, which didn't help me at all. I convinced myself I should buy one. I searched Amazon for literally hours over the course of a few days and I found the Keurig k75 for under $100. I figured go big or go home. Plus, this "used" price yet "new" quality of product was just what I was looking for.
Alright, enough of the story, I'm going to cut into the meat of this review.

What I Like

It's fast. Very fast. It takes about a minute to heat up the water from the machine being turned off and less than a minute from the push of the brew button until the last drop. It's speed is probably my favorite part. I love being able to quickly fill my travel mug and be off to my first class or to the car for a long drive. Sometimes when I really want to cut some time of the process in the morning, I fill the reusable k cup the night before and set the machine to turn on five minutes before I get up.

It's (relatively) quiet

I know people with Keurigs without the "Quiet Brew Technology." They used to be SO loud, it was off-putting. The last thing you want is to wake up sleepy people. The Keurig K75, or any of them really, isn't completely quiet. It makes some noise sucking up the water and then some more when it's brewing. However, because this machine is so quick, it's not that much of a problem, depending on how far away your kitchen is from bedrooms. Honestly, traditional drip machines are worse because they drag on for a while (my 4 cup Mr. Coffee is pretty loud and takes forever).

It's clean

Besides maybe cleaning out your own beans from the cup, it's a pretty clean process. You don't have to throw away paper filters and have them stink up your garbage. You also don't have grinds, usually, at the bottom of the cup. (Although I do know some people like that) Because of the way Keurigs brew, there's not a a lot of mess within the machine. It is, however, recommended that you clean your machine out every once in a while and replace the water filter if it came with one.

One cup at a time

As the only one who drinks coffee in my apartment, I like knowing that I won't be pouring out a little bit from the pot each time. I also like not coming back to my apartment with old, bad-smelling coffee. Even if the machine doesn't fill your mug, it's so fast you can immediately brew another one seconds later. This also helps if you're not the only coffee-drinker in your household.

What I Don't Like

K Cups

I was so happy that I decided to buy a reusable filter. My machine came with a variety pack of 12 cups. I tried all the ones that interested me, mainly the extra bold and anything that wasn't decaf. I only liked one or two. The rest were very weak. I didn't consider myself necessarily a strong coffee drinker, but I guess I am. I also tried the eight o clock Colombian k cups and they were terrible. There's not much coffee in those a lot. I ended up using two cups at a time, which was pricey. I don't mind pouring in the grinds but I was hoping on rushed mornings I could use them. I did, however, like the sleepy-time tea that came with it.

The Size

Now I know I decided to purchase a model that is slightly larger than the rest but this is a decently-sized machine. It's not really the company's fault; it's just the way it is, considering all the parts to it. You might want to consider your amount of counter space before investing in a Keurig.


This might be nit-picking but I really wish you could program the screen without turning the whole thing on, especially late at night when I want to program the timer. Other than that I love how "techie" it is. It would be nice, also if it told you what sizes the options were since I'm horrible at gauging that.


From what I've read, these machines aren't that reliable. Former customers have posted about how their Keurigs broke a little after a year. I think that if you are spending a good chunk of change for a coffee maker they should give you either a 5 year warranty or a reliable product.


These are expensive machines just for making coffee. Had I not found a great deal on Amazon, I probably wouldn't have bought one. I don't think they're worth the retail price. However, maybe in a couple of years, the prices will go down.


This really only pertains to the K cups but it was kind of hard for me to find the sweet spot in terms of strength. Even when I use my own, I still have to find the perfect balance. If you use too little, it's too watery but if you use too much, the top of the cup opens and the machines stops functioning. For this, I suppose the best thing would be to find someone with one and decide if you like the taste or not. The taste was disappointing especially since Keurig always prides itself on the perfect cup of coffee.

Aroma Cup makes several Keurig videos

Here Are Some Reusable Cups You Might Consider

Here's a segway into whether or not you should buy a Keurig.

If this machine breaks down, it's over for me. I still have the Mr. Coffee and their products are reliable. I'm not blowing more money on this than I already have.

Now I'm not saying that this is a bad product, especially since I just spoke more about what I like about it. I just feel as if the taste is being sacrificed, especially with their plastic K cups. It's a convenient coffee maker, but I don't think it is worth the price, especially since drip machines aren't all that expensive


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