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Dieting with Water

Updated on September 24, 2012

Why Water?

Water is a healthy, safe, and natural way to cleanse the body of toxins. Before soda, coffee, beer, fruit juice, and even milk, human beings consumed only water. This hub elaborates on how I used water to help reach a healthy weight and feel better about myself, and why that happened.


Replacing Beverages with Water

Traditionally, I would drink the following drinks each and every day:

  • Breakfast: Coffee and/or Orange Juice
  • Lunch: Soda or Fruit Juice
  • Dinner: Beer or Soda
  • Dessert: Beer or Wine

As the fundamental basis behind every diet is consuming less than you burn, I got interested in exactly how much I really was consuming with the drinks I was having with my meals. The results were surprising! Here is a list of some of my favorite beverages, and their calories and carbohydrate counts:


  • Orange Juice (1 Cup): 105 Calories; 33g Carbs
  • Grapefruit Juice (1 Cup): 115 Calories; 27.8g Carbs
  • Coffee (1 Cup): 2 Calories; Carbs: 0 until you add cream and sweeteners!!!
  • Milk, Nonfat (1 Cup): 85.8 Calories; 11.9g Carbs
  • Milk, 2% (1 Cup): 122 Calories; 11.4g Carbs
  • Rice Milk (1 Cup): 130 Calories; 26g Carbs
  • Soy Milk (1 Cup): 90 Calories; 8g Carbs


  • Pepsi (12oz): 150 Calories; 49g Carbs
  • Mountain Dew (12oz): 170 Calories; 46g Carbs
  • Sprite (12oz): 140 Calories; 38g Carbs
  • Cranberry Juice Cocktail (1 Cup): 137 Calories; 38g Carbs


  • Beer, Stella Artois (11.2oz): 154 Calories; 6.3g Carbs
  • Beer, Dos Equis (12oz): 130 Calories; 9g Carbs
  • Beer, Corona Light (12oz): 99 Calories; 5g Carbs
  • Beer, Guiness Draft (12oz): 125 Calories; 9.9g Carbs


  • Red Wine (1 Glass): 80 Calories; 5.5g Carbs
  • White Wine (1 Glass): 128 Calories; 5g Carbs
  • Hot Cocoa Mix, Nestle (20.2g): 80 Calories; 15g Carbs

Cal-Carb Comparison:

  • White Bread (1 Slice): 90 Calories; 13g Carbs fruit juice, soda, and alcohol have more!
  • Pasta (1 Cup): 150 Calories; 37g Carbs fruit juice, soda, and alcohol have more!
  • Cherry Pie (1 oz): 76.4 Calories; 10.9g Carbs fruit juice, soda, and alcohol have more!
  • McDonald's Bacon, Egg and Cheese burger: 560 Calories; 56 Carbs soda has almost as many carbohydrates as a fast food burger!


Health Benefits of Water

It cleans you out. When you drink more water, you urinate more frequently. Check the color of your urine; if it's clear, you're in the clear. If not, then you need more water. The yellowness of urine is attributed to toxins in the body; if you are not urinating, you are not removing these toxins. Also, drinking water is preventative to urinary tract infections.These are painful, cause the constant urge to pee, and come with costly visits to the doctor. When you urinate frequently, you are not giving the bacteria a chance to infect the urethra, because, well, you're pissing it out.

It prevents hangovers. Have one glass of water per alcoholic beverage you have. This will off-set the dehydrating effects of alcohol, which cause the hangover.

Drink it with coffee. Drink one glass of water for each caffeinated drink you have. This will off-set dehydration, and dilute the coffee within your body; making the effects last longer, and ease that high-then-crash effect you may experience when drinking a lot of coffee, or coffee on an empty stomach.

It helps with acne. As a teenager, I despised acne. My doctor told me that I could do things to prevent breakouts, such as eating less sodium-rich foods, and cutting down on caffeinated beverages.I can't claim that my lack of acne as a woman in my twenties is due completely to water, but I definitely feel like water has done better for my skin than the Mountain Dews of my teenage years.

It makes you feel better. Okay, I can't prove it. But I feel a lot more awake on days that I drink nothing but water, than on days that I drink two or three sodas, and some beer with dinner. I also feel less bloated.


Tap Water Turn you Off? Try This!


Kick-Start your Diet

Many diets will advise limiting the amount of carbohydrates or calorie intake you consume per day. Some diets even have guidelines for limiting both. If you a soda per day, eliminate a couple hundred calories by quitting that habit. If you drink orange juice in the morning, coffee with brunch, and a glass or two of beer and wine with dinner, than you can cut a couple hundred carbs by curbing that habit, as well. It was shocking to me how many drinks have more carbohydrates than some foods, especially foods I considered to be unhealthy. I have personally cut hundreds of carbohydrates out of my daily routine by replacing all my drinks with water.

*Disclaimer: This Hub provides my personal experiences and account of limiting carbohydrate and caloric consumption, by means of substitutions. Consult your doctor before making any huge dietary changes to your life!


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    • kathleenkat profile image

      kathleenkat 5 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      Thanks! I was surprised at just how much was in drinks, more than some foods.

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 5 years ago

      Excellent writeup. It is true that drinks such as juices and soft drinks are adding so much calories to our diet, and make us fat ! More people on diet should be aware of that.