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Candy And Snacks: The Best For Holidays And Birthdays

Updated on December 18, 2015
Candy and snack treats don't have to be a no-no!
Candy and snack treats don't have to be a no-no! | Source

Looking for Alternatives to Traditional Candies and Snacks for Kids?

• Are there smart choices for kids' candy and snacks?

• Do the alternatives taste as good as the traditional treats?

• What should parents and grandparents buy?

• Where can healthier treats be found?

Choosing Well

We all know the truth. What’s a special occasion without a little candy, right? If it’s nothing but junk candy and snacks, though, we’re better off celebrating without it.

There are, however, some great alternatives to junk foods for our traditional celebrations. The healthiest candy and snacks for kids can easily replace the sweet treats found at most check out counters.

Considering the number of holidays and birthdays we celebrate throughout the years it's a good idea to take a look at a few of the healthier product lines and get your search for the best treats for little ones started.

Get on the right track for all your celebrations right away so you'll be ready with the best candy and snack choices for your family!

What's Available?

YummyEarth brand offers a variety of lollipops and gummy bears that taste good and have not-so-bad-for-you ingredients. Natural sweeteners with vegetable based flavors and colorings make their organic products an extra special treat.

They are packaged in a variety of sizes, as well. You can stock up or buy just a bit for a one time occasion-but be warned, they are really tasty replacements for ordinary candy and snacks.

Good Treats Are Available

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Check out Snack BrandsCheck out the Labels
Check out Snack Brands
Check out Snack Brands | Source
Check out the Labels
Check out the Labels | Source

YUM YUM carries natural and organic snacks, including gluten free items. Offering a wide variety of brands their snacks range from sweet to salty and can be purchased in bulk or single servings. Delicious nuts, grains, and fruits are highlighted throughout the different lines they offer. Nothing crummy here, just yummy.

Organic Food Bar Kid’s is a new brand to me, but their KEERUNCH, OOHMEGA, and OOOATMEAL bars look very appealing. Agave nectar seems to be the sweetener of choice here and they evidently include flax sprouts in their products! This looks like a good choice that I want to try soon.

For quickly baking desserts at home for holidays or birthdays there are several great mixes available. I was recently looking at the Simply Organic brand’s Carrot Cake Mix because I’ll be needing an extra special dessert this spring. Dr. Oetker and Arrowhead Mills are also good brands to take a look at as we plan ahead for healthier desserts. This type product tops store bought candy and snacks any day.

Then there's Chocolate...

Whether it is for baking or outright snacking, quality chocolate (cocoa) is a must. Researching the problems related to low quality chocolates will be convincing enough, but once you taste the difference there will be no going back.

The higher cost must be considered, you say? Well, the hidden costs of less healthy chocolate speak for themselves, just like overindulgence, but the good news is that it's not difficult to find sales. Our local health food stores have regular sales on one good-for-you chocolate brand or another.

Do a little reading on the benefits, then take a look at a few healthy chocolate products online or in your local stores. You may even decide it's worth budgeting for sales so you can stock up!

Grandparents Need to Help Parents When it Comes to Candy and Snacks!

Healthy desserts may seem like an oxymoron, but that's because we have learned to think of special occasion foods as junk food. We are not going to do without those special treats on for birthdays and holidays, are we? Why not go with the healthiest candy and snacks out of all that is available?

While it’s true that a little sweet-something is a nice treat, even quality snacks should not be overdone. Parents and grandparents have a responsibility to teach little ones that moderation in all things is wise. Check out some thoughtful input on the need to set an example of eating healthy before children as they grow up.

Although we were not as aware of the need to pay attention to healthy eating when our children were young, our grandchildren have already been testing some of these products. They will continue to enjoy the best we can give them--that is, if I can keep my husband away from the snack treats we buy so they can actually be delivered to the children!


Are you familiar with healthier snacks and candies for kids?

See results

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Make Great Snacks!

How to Make a Neat Snack!

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  • RTalloni profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from the short journey

    Pretty bad indeed! But I was glad to find these treats. I think more companies are going to get on board with the need to drop the hfcs, etc. Enjoying a little sweet stuff should not result in unexpected side-effects!

    Very much appreciate that you came by and responded as you did.

  • TheListLady profile image


    8 years ago from New York City

    I do like candy and am glad you mentioned all the organic choices. I've always enjoyed a sweet but unfortunately manufactures began substituting high fructose corn syrup for sugar and adding artificial flavors and dyes - pretty bad. So this is a good list and I can order. Yay!

    Thanks a bunch! Rated up. I'm happy now!

  • RTalloni profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from the short journey

    So glad you found something new. That's why I try to read hubs all the way through. Even though I may be familiar with a topic, I don't know everything and someone might include a great new idea or product.

    Thanks bunches for stopping by and commenting!

  • Planet Mom profile image

    Planet Mom 

    8 years ago

    My husband and I are trying to make healthy changes in our house so that eating healthy will come naturally for our children. I had never heard of the baking mixes that you mentioned before. I am going to check those out next time, especially the carrot cake. I love carrot cake!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • RTalloni profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from the short journey

    These brands are really great alternatives and my guess that you will easily find them in your area. For those not located in areas that provide these brands, the Google sites make for easy shopping.

  • bayareagreatthing profile image


    8 years ago from Bay Area California

    I never heard of that brand. That is something I need to look into just because they sound healthier. Thanks RT!

  • RTalloni profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from the short journey

    Thanks much!

  • AskAshlie3433 profile image


    8 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

    Very cool hub.


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