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How To Find The Best Food Feeder For Baby

Updated on April 11, 2013

My name is Louis Pearl G.G. I am a rough diamond gemologist and a 59 year old father of a bouncing 8 month old baby boy. As you can imagine, the world of babies has changed dramatically since my now grown children were babies. I love some of the changes and some I question the value.

However, there is one change I absolutely love,that change is the “Kidsme Food Feeder”. It is really wonderful, the replaceable silicone sacs are available in two different sizes, we use the smaller size for our boy. It opens and closes easily and locks with a childproof snap lock; My baby finds it easy to grasp;and the food sifts through without clogging. It also has a cap that helps keep the silicone sac and food clean. The folks at Kidsme say it is BPA free and FDA tested; It is recommended for 4+ months, it is also top-rack dishwasher safe.

The unique design helps your child to eat without the risk of choking. I have seen the competition, and with their traditional mesh bag feeders they are just no match. This feeder has the vote of this old dad.

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