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Kitchen Gift Ideas, 5 New Gadgets That Do and Don't Work

Updated on January 21, 2013
5 New Kitchen Gift Ideas
5 New Kitchen Gift Ideas | Source

As Seen On TV Kitchen Gadgets

Just about everyone has watched an infomercial that advertises some amazing gizmo that convinces us to pick up the phone or boot-up to buy it. But, when the package arrives, the goodie inside rarely lives up to all of the hype. This gift giving season, I thought I would take a closer look and hopefully save a few bucks before buying gifts consisting of such must-have gear. I was willing to spend a few dollars to buy one item each before purchasing a few of each as gifts. No one wants to give a gift that is sure to flop; and this includes me.

What You Think Really Does Matter!

What have you experienced with "as seen on TV" products?

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The Advertising Hook

The Marketing Hook Gets us Every Time

The reviews below are designed to share honestly and exactly how each of these kitchen gadgets worked compared to the commercial hype they profess. The marketing strategy used generally pulls us in with a "HOOK" and that's when money spent, is money burned! For me, only one of the five reviewed products deserved a 5 star rating. As for the other four kitchen gadgets, they seemed to fall short of the hook—line and sinker—the ads had promised.

5 New Kitchen Gadgets

The Truth About These Kitchen Gift Ideas

I will be using a simple 1 through 5 star rating system, 1 being bad and 5 being pretty great.

  1. TastiWave Oven (rates 1 star)
  2. RoboStir (rates 2 stars)
  3. Wine Yoke Lanyard (rates 3 stars )
  4. Slice-o-Matic (rates 4 stars )
  5. One Touch Jar Opener (rates 5 stars), and here is why...


TastiWave Oven - Rated At 1 Star

The TastiWave Oven Hook

"Change the way you cook forever." "Absorbs microwave energy converting it to cooking energy, leaving you with homemade meals right from your microwave that taste incredible."

The TastiWave Oven Reality

To simply steam a few veggies—once you figure out how all the parts work together—it takes several different pieces of the device. It just seems way too process-oriented for a few vegetables; I don't even want to think about what it takes to make a meal. What they fail to inform the consumer during the commercial is that you have to have a large microwave that is capable of no less, and no more, than an 1100 Watt output, and a turntable. Would be nice to let people know this before they try to shove this contraption into their moderate size, non spinning, 800 Watt ovens.

TastiWave Oven Features

This gadget claims to have a super-hard ceramic coating on the outside that is designed to protect the Dutch oven-looking product from the actual micro-waves once you switch on the power. The idea is to capture them inside the inclosed bottom of the TastiWave where a space-age material—cryotech™ —is found. This cryotech™ converts the micro-waves to 500°F energy, thus cooking your food crazy fast, and crazy good. But, they fail to mention that you must discontinue use if it ever gets scratched or chipped...remember that super-hard ceramic coating? Yeah, it's put over a metal material. And as we all know, metal is NOT compatible with micro waves at all.

I didn't experience this, but consumers (according to The Reader's Digest's review of the product) have complained that on occasion, the inside of the microwave will begin to spark and sputter during use, which can send people running for safety. Sounds like that rock-hard ceramic coating may be a little too thin in a few spots. Metal in the microwave, I am told, has never been a good idea, so what makes this company think otherwise? What if it gets chipped or dropped? I have had my microwave spark and sputter for other reasons (usually brought on my own doing) and it is indeed a very freaky experience. I think for my purposes, I will stick with my good old microwave, as far as I am concerned it gets the job done well enough. As for the other cooking styles, my oven and stove top are just all right by me. Giving this one a space-age less-than 1 star rating.

I won't waist your time with a video of how this thing does or doesn't work. In my opinion, you will be better off buying a new microwave than this product.


The RoboStir - Rated At 2 Stars

The Robostir Hook

"Automatically stirs stews, soup, gravy and more" by using "physics to magically move silicone feet around a pan so nothing will stick or burn."

The Robostir Reality

Even though this kitchen gadget is really cute, with its four little robotic moving legs and all, it isn't a very practical gift choice. To start with, it doesn't really give you that much help during cooking. It kind of stumbles around for a little while then hangs out in one location doing little to get things mixed up or blended effectively. But I have a real concern when it comes to the safety of the product. It seems that the manufacturers caution the consumer to be careful with the battery pack, as it can potentially blow-up if placed in hot liquid. Really? They also tell us that we should not leave the device alone during use.

Isn't the idea of a kitchen tool that automatically stirs for us, to do so, thus freeing us to do other things? So, for me, between the possibility of an explosion in my kitchen, and having to babysit this thing during use, what's the point? This one barely gets a 2 star rating from me. (And yet, it still sells like hotcakes.)

The RoboStir Results Are In


The Wine Yoke Lanyard - Rated At 3 Stars

The Wine Yoke Lanyard Hook

"Never fumble with your wine glass again." The "hands-free experience" has a rubber harness to support your wine glass, while it hangs from a strap around your neck.

The Wine Yoke Lanyard Reality

This gizmo totally perplexed me at first. Yet, after thinking about it, and if I had to manage a two-handed project, and required a steady buzz during the project, I might employ this gadget—but only when no one else was around to witness it. This product is for the really committed wine drinker, possibly even those who are too committed, I say this as a dedicated wine drinker who resides in Napa. It really feels like the lanyard sways too much when you move around or reach for a snack or shake hands and any other activity it is said to enhance while caring for your glass of wine. I suppose if it had gyro positioning capabilities and a waist strap that held it snug to the body I would have greater confidence in it. But as is, I was always worried it would slosh wine all over the place if I made one wrong move; which I can manage on my own without spending $6 for a halter-style cup holder. It does have a fun and playful feel that is sure to humor the jester in the family, so for this reason alone (and because wine is involved) the Wine Yoke gets a 3 star rating from me.

Wine Yoke Lanyard Funtionality


Slice-o-Matic - Rated At 4 Stars

The Slice-o-Matic Hook

"This is a lean, mean, slicing machine" that "cuts your prep time in half." Claiming the "easy glide handle" makes prep work a joy, efficient, and hand cramp-free.

The Slic-o-Matic Reality

The cuts are completed in an amazingly professional and uniform manner. But, the handle does seem to constantly get stuck, or hung-up somehow. So, it really doesn't work as easily or quickly as it is shown to on TV. And certainly not "as easy to use as a toaster." The feel of this device is kind of cheap, like a toy clearance bin item. If you have any knife skills at all, you can probably get done faster doing your prep the old fashioned way. But, one thing that will be difficult to beat is just how spectacular the cuts really are. The beautifully even, crisp cuts are a very nice offering. So, what it boils down to is, if you are short on time, do it by hand; if you want to blow your friends away with an absolutely perfect display, use the Slice-o-Matic. For the shear beauty of the slices presented by this device, it garners a 4 star rating.

Slice-o-Matic Consumer Tested On The Street - Mixed Reviews


See Why I Give "The One Touch Jar Opener" 5 Stars!

5 stars for the One Touch Jar Opener

One Touch Jar Opener - Rated At 5 Stars

The One Touch Jar Opener Hook

"Just place the opener on the jar, and press the button. That's it. The opener loosens the lid."

The One Touch Jar Opener Reality

It can seem a little slow and mechanical, but it does actually work. This is one of those rare creatures that does just what the "hook" claims it will. Great for older folks or those who struggle with hand strength, with arthritic hands appreciating this gadget most of all. It will probably take a little thought to figure out the process, but all-in-all this is one "as seen on TV" product that lives up to the hype. Works on a variety of lid sizes, and functions properly every time. Not too complicated, works great, priced pretty well, and lives up to the marketing hype; from my perspective, this is worthy of a pretty strong 5 star rating.

See For Yourself! The One Touch Jar Opener In Action.

Top 5 Selling TV Products Right Now

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$19 to $25
Sticky Buddy
$7 to $11
$13 to $17
Ped Egg
$9 to $12
Pet Rider
$9 to $20
The order may vary

Wrapping Up These Kitchen Gadget Reviews

To Buy, Or Not To Buy

As far as "as seen on TV" gadgets go, I thought one out of five getting a worthy rating wasn't so bad. I mean really, to discover a great device for opening lids that just about anyone can operate, while getting good results seemed like a fair trade compared to the other four gadgets— which mostly failed their review tests. I am certainly going to be buying a few more One Touch Jar Openers for family and friends. As for the other goodies, I think I will wait to see what the up and coming year's infomercials have to offer.

Okay, you know I am totally getting a Wine Yoke for my best friend, she will love the quirky nature of this thing!

Comments for "Kitchen Gift Ideas, 5 New Gadgets That Do and Don't Work"

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  • tebo profile image


    5 years ago from New Zealand

    Very good review of these five gadgets. I agree that some times gadgets that slice and chop are slower than by hand especially when you have to dismantle and clean them after. I too like the one touch jar opener, having a mother with the weak arthritic hands.

  • mpropp profile image

    Melissa Propp 

    5 years ago from Minnesota

    Infomercials are sooo darn entertaining. I usually never actually buy them on the tv, but I still look for them on ebay or in Walmart...I've only bought a few and had mixed success, but I still find myself being sucked into those darn infomercials!

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    5 years ago from Northern, California

    @Daisy Mariposa~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the kitchen gadgets reviewed here! It was pretty fun really looking and assessing each of these from a neutral perspective. The One Touch Jar Opener was tops on my approval list! I sure appreciate the support, Ma'am.

    Super Big HubHugs~

    @mary615~ The jar opener is on my gift giving list this season! I will be giving one to those who have some hand strength issues, and even to those who don't. I hope you get one Mary! Thanks for stopping by.


    @Nell Rose!~ HA! I can't imagine anything whatsoever to be boring about you, Nell! Thank you so much for leaving your humor with me today. I always smile when I see you have made it by.


    @sgbrown~ I pretty much think the same as you, the jar opener rocks! I am constantly handing off jars to be cracked-open by someone other than old-bird pride will be somewhat restored by this product! ;) Thank you for your comments.


    @Global-Chica~ What a wonderful surprise to find the ST official globe-hopper in the comments section. So very cool to see you, GC! I sure miss you guys...Thank you for your remarks and approval.

    Huge ST HubHugs~

    @Tealparadise~ How funny. It really is a real product, and I will most likely be getting one for a friend of mine as a joke gift this season. I will have to watch Cougar Town. I really like the actress (Monica, from friends) who plays the leading role. Thank you for leaving me a fun TV show to try, and your comments.


  • Tealparadise profile image


    5 years ago

    Ha! I didn't know the wine necklace was a real product! They make fun of it on "Cougartown" (hilarious show by the way). One woman buys the whole group the lanyards, saying that now they have both hands free to do activities, so they won't just sit around and drink all day. Unfortunately they end up using the lanyard glass as "backup" so that they don't have to refill as often! 2 glasses at a time haha. That's the "real" use of this product.

    PS once you go one-touch, you never go back. It's just so funny to watch, even my 22-year-old self loves it. Great reviews!

  • Global-Chica profile image


    5 years ago from New York, NY

    K9 - you've put together a stellar review article that lots of readers will appreciate. Great job!

  • sgbrown profile image

    Sheila Brown 

    5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

    The only one that sounds useful to me would be the jar opener. I know my mom really had a hard time opening jars as she got older. This would probably be really good for an older person. The rest of them just seem silly to me. This is a good hub and voting it up and useful! :)

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 

    5 years ago from England

    These are much to complicated for this boring old cook! lol! my idea is to open a tin, pour into bowl, and stick into the microwave! lol! fascinating though! voted up and shared! nell

  • mary615 profile image

    Mary Hyatt 

    5 years ago from Florida

    I have already told one of my kids that I want the "one touch" can opener, so I'm glad you like it. Where do these people come up with these ideas?? The products sell, too, that's the amazing part. If I get too lazy that I can't stir food myself, that will be pretty sad.

    I voted this UP, etc.

  • Daisy Mariposa profile image

    Daisy Mariposa 

    5 years ago from Orange County (Southern California)


    I am impressed with your investigative reporter-like research for this article.

    The wine yoke lanyard sounds like a good idea, but I know I would bend over to pick something up and spill wine on my carpet.

    The jar opener also sounds like a good idea, but I've purchased very few jars of "anything" which were difficult to open.

    Well done, my friend!


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