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Knives – The Most Powerful Kitchen Gadget

Updated on January 31, 2013

Whether you are chopping vegetables or just slicing fruit for your favorite shake, the most essential equipment required while working in your kitchen is a knife..

The best chefs of the world are known to have the best knife skills as handling a knife perfectly is the most important culinary skill. A knife for a chef is synonymous to a sword for a warrior. Hence, it holds a very significant place in the kitchens across the world.

A wide variety of kitchen knives and blocks are available to choose from depending upon requirements. Look in your kitchen drawer and explore the world of different kitchen knives.


A multipurpose knife, which is required in every kitchen, is a paring knife. This knife is employed in almost all small jobs in the kitchen including the tailing of the vegetables or removing onion skin. For those who wish to render an exotic presentation to their delicacies, a turning knife is extremely important. This knife has a small curved blade which renders a barrel shape to the vegetables/fruits. People indulging in the non-vegetarian delicacies, find this knife very important, it is also referred to as the filleting knife. Flexible and narrow, this knife bends easily while going through the fish structure, especially that of a flat fish.

For cutting very close to the bones of the meat, a boning knife is used, which is not as flexible as a filleting knife. Another general purpose knife used in kitchens extensively is a General Chef’s knife. Employable on a large variety of commodities like fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, etc. this knife can be used for performing different cutting activities. An additional knife not used for cutting purposes but for spreading and turning purposes is a palette knife. For performing neat and accurate cutting technique, a carving knife is used, which has a long blade and is accompanied by a carving fork. For slicing bread, a knife with serrated edges is used and is referred as a serrated knife.

How to correctly use a knife is an art form in its own self. It is extremely important that the knife is handled properly, or else you can end up harming your food as well as your hands. If you are looking for a wide range of best cutting knives and don’t know where to find them, have a look at Kitchen Knife Blocks.


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