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Coffee Ground Recipes That'll Knock Your Socks off!

Updated on March 2, 2011

Coffee Recipes - Try These for a Different Kick!

Coffee Recipes - After oil, coffee is the most widely used product in the world. With 1400 million cups of coffee being consumed a day, coffee has made it's mark as the most popular drink in the world next to water.

Coffee grounds has many uses other than for drinking too. Did you know that if your shopping for perfume, taking a bag of coffee with you to smell will refresh your nose between sniffing scents?Spent coffee grounds spinkled around a base of your garden plants will keep snails and slugs from eating them. Have plants that have turned yellow in the winter? Revive them by feeding the pot plant a mixture of coffee grounds & sugar, and water regulary. Who would have thought coffee could do all this?





Tantalizing Coffee Recipes

Canadian Coffee



¼ c Maple syrup; pure

½ c Rye whiskey

3 c Coffee; hot, black, double strength


¾ c Whipping cream

4 ts Maple syrup; pure


How To:

Topping: Whip cream with maple syrup just up until soft mounds; set aside.

Divide maple syrup and whiskey among 4 warmed heatproof glass mugs or goblets. Pour in coffe to 1 inch of top; spoon topping over coffee

Alpine Carnival



2 tb Instant coffee

1 ts Vanilla

2 tb Brown sugar

1 ts Water

1 ½ c Boiling water

½ c Whipping cream, whipped


How To:

Divide instant coffee and vanilla evenly between two Spanish coffee glasses. In a small heavy saucepan, dissolve sugar in the teaspoon of water. Over medium heat, stir dissolved sugar until it reaches a full boil. Immediately remove from heat and stir in boiling water. Divide sugar mixture between coffee glasses and top with a dollop of whipped cream.

Makes 2 x 6 oz servings.

Black Forest Coffee


6 oz Fresh brewed coffee

2 tb Chocolate syrup

1 tb Maraschino cherry juice

Whipped cream

Shaved chocolate/chips

Maraschino cherries

How To:

Combine coffee, chocolate syrup, and cherry juice in a cup; mix well. Top with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a cherry.

Cafe Mexicano


1 oz Coffee liqueur

1 ts Chocolate syrup

1 ea Hot coffee

1/2 oz Brandy

1 ea Dash ground cinnamon

1 ea Sweetened whipped cream

How To:

Combine coffee liqueur, brandy, chocolate syrup and cinnamon in a coffee cup or mug. Fill to the top with hot coffee. Top with whipped cream.

Delicious Irish Coffee

Cajun Coffee


3 c Hot Strong Coffee

6 tb Molasses

6 tb Dark Rum (If Desired)

Whipped Cream

Nutmeg (Freshly Ground)

How To:

Combine coffee and molasses in a saucepan. Heat, stirring, until molasses is dissolved and coffee is very hot. Do not allow to boil. If desired place 1 Tbls. rum in each mug. Add coffee. Top with whipped cream; sprinkle with nutmeg. Do not stir before drinking.

Chocolate Coffee


2 tb Instant coffee

1/4 c Sugar

1 ds Salt

1 oz Squares unsweetened chocolate

1 c Water

3 c Milk

Whipped cream

How To:

In saucepan combine coffee, sugar, salt, chocolate, and water; stir over low heat until chocolate has melted. Simmer 4 minutes, stirring constantly. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly until heated. When piping hot, remove from heat and beat with rotary beater until mixture is frothy. Pour into cups and sail a dollop of whipped cream on the surface of each. Makes 6 servings.

Iced Coffee At Home

Italian Coffee Perfection


Coffee: A beverage consisting of a decoction or infusion of the roasted ground or crushed seeds (coffee beans) of the two-seeded fruit (coffee berry) of certain coffee trees.

Latte: Hot espresso with steamed milk, usually topped with foamed milk.

Espresso: A strong coffee brewed by forcing steam under pressure through darkly roasted, powdered coffee beans.

Cappucino: A hot beverage consisting of espresso coffee and steamed milk, often served with powdered cinnamon and topped with whipped cream.

ts - teaspoon

ds - dash

tb - tablespoon

c - cup


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