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Krups 230-70 Egg Express Egg Cooker Review

Updated on July 30, 2010

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“I’ve used this machine to make poached eggs and it has turned out beautifully. The eggs are not rubbery or runny. It is just perfect. I highly recommend this egg cooker and at this price you can’t go wrong.”

“I’ve used other egg cookers before but nothing compares to the Krups. I use it often to make hard boiled eggs. It does so very fast and the eggs turn out just right. None of the eggs were cracked during the cooking process. I bought this for my son too who’s off in college.”

“We got this egg cooker as a Christmas present and we’ve been using it ever since. It works well for those who don’t have time to cook themselves breakfast in the morning. It’s so easy to use. Just put the eggs in and pour some water in and in a few minutes it’s done.”

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People that boil eggs usually put them in a pot with water and set it on the stove to boil. Although this is a way to do it, there are easier and more efficient ways to cook or boil an egg. You can use a specialized egg cooker. One of the most popular egg cooker is the Krups 230-70 Egg Express Egg Cooker.

The Krups 230-70 Egg Express Egg Cooker is special for many reasons. You can boil up to 7 eggs all at once or you could poach a couple of eggs in the trays. A water level indicator allows you to put the exact amount of water that you need to boil the eggs. Depending on water level, the eggs could come out soft, medium, or hard. A pin at the bottom of the indicator pierces a hole in the eggshell so that the sulfur can leak out. Once the eggs are finished boiling, an indicator will come on letting you know it is finished. You can also leave the eggs in this egg cooker to keep it warm if you do not wish to take it out just yet.


  • Boils up to seven eggs
  • Two poaching trays included
  • Dual switch for boiling and keeping warm
  • Timer to indicate end of cooking
  • Water level indicator and egg piercer included



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