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Lassi- Flavored Buttermilk -an indian beverage

Updated on April 1, 2010
A salty lassi garnished with cumin powder and a sprig of mint
A salty lassi garnished with cumin powder and a sprig of mint
Mango lassi
Mango lassi

'Lassi' as it is popularly known in India,  is a favorite nutritious and healthy drink particularly enjoyed in summer by one and all. Lassi can be made either sweet or salty as per taste.

Salty Lassi - The salty variations of lassi include a number of condiments that have excellent attributes to promote digestion. A salty lassi can be made plain with just salt.

Add buttermilk and salt to taste,a few cubes of ice and blend it into a smooth drink. Garnish with roasted cuminpowder and a sprig of mint.

Additional pizzaz can be added to the salty lassi. Blend the buttermilk,salt and ice with ginger, cilantro and cuminseeds. Strain and serve this tasty salty lassi.

Sweet lassi - Sweet lassi can be made with plain sugar or with sugar and a seasonal fruit.

Sweet lassi made with cardomom and sugar is cooling and has additional health benefits.

Blend 2 cups of buttermilk with 8 tsp of sugar, a quarter tsp powdered cardomom,a few ice cubes and pour into glasses. Garnish with a few flakes of saffron.

Vanilla flavored lassi can be made with vanilla essence, buttermilk, sugar and ice.

A popular sweet lassi is mango lassi in the hot summer. The pulp of a mango is blended with sugar, buttermilk and ice cubes to deliver a refreshing and healty mango lassi.

Buttermilk according to ayurveda is healthier than milk which today's science confirms. The countless useful bacteria strengthen the immune system of the body. Buttermilk is known to improve digestion and reduce acidity.


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    • profile image

      Devon 3 years ago

      If someone bottled sweet mango or vanilla lassi, would there be a demand for it in Pittsbugrh?

    • ansonabey profile image

      ansonabey 5 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Nice article..

      Vote up..

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      Fusion6 6 years ago

      it is incredible!

    • Mayaanjali profile image

      Mayaanjali 7 years ago

      You should. Its fairly simple to make.

    • maricarbo profile image

      maricarbo 7 years ago

      I feel like trying this. Yum!