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Lauers Pub, Inc.

Updated on April 15, 2018

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4.8 out of 5 stars from 11 ratings of Lauer's Pub, Inc.

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Check out LAUERS PUB
Check out LAUERS PUB | Source

Your Classic, Friendly, Neighborhood Pub

Lauers Pub Stands With the Changing of Time

Lauers Pub is located on 154th Place which was off State Line Road. The part of State Line Road that was also known as "sin strip". That's because this section of Calumet City was packed with taverns and liquor stores.

They were everywhere.

First Impressions

A Typical Sports Bar

Pulling into the large, fenced-in parking lot you'll notice how wide open and well lit everything is. This parking lot is video monitored 24 hours a day and patrolled by the Calumet City Police Department, so there's no "funny business" going on over here.


As soon as you walk in you're greeted with a friendly "hello" and a smile. Depending on how early you arrive, you may even meet the man himself, James Lauer. He's been opening this bar in the early afternoon, everyday for over thirty years. He usually sticks around for just a couple of hours, so if you want to meet him - make it early.

There's usually a small wave of patrons that arrive soon after Lauers Pub opens. Everybody knows everybody and the fun soon begins.

There's talk of sports mostly, but an unusual topic (every now & then) usually pops up sooner or later. And there's no telling what subject that could be. Everybody is welcome to comment & put in their "two-cents", in fact, it's encouraged.

There's five televisions in the pub, and every single one of them can be seen mostly from anywhere in the pub. If you can't find a sporting event to watch, there's always a friendly, pretty face behind the bar to talk to.


If the patrons alone aren't entertaining enough, Lauers Pub has the usual pub style dart board and a $1 pay-as-you-play pool table. They've got Wi-Fi and an Internet jukebox. There's even a bar-top video game in the corner.

*You are now allowed to gamble, LEGALLY, on video gambling machines in Lauers Pub and other taverns in the state of Illinois*

Food & Drinks

There's not much on the food menu, but there are FREE hot dogs and $1 hamburgers and polish sausages. Occasionally, during the cold months, you can get a delicious bowl of homemade chili for just $2. On Sunday's (during the Chicago Bears game) you can have some the BEST shredded beef sandwiches in the region - on the house!
If you got a few extra bucks, get a Doreen's oven baked 12" pizza for just $7.50

Lauers Pub also has peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, pistachios & potato chips...oh yeah, cashews too.

Beer Choices

  • Coors Light (draft)
  • Heineken (draft)
  • Amstel Light
  • Beck's
  • Budweiser
  • Bud Light
  • Coors Light
  • Corona
  • Corona Light
  • Guinness
  • Michelob
  • Michelob Dry
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Miller 64
  • Miller Lite
  • Miller Genuine Draft
  • Miller Highlife
  • Old Style
  • O'Doul's (non-alcoholic)
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon (16oz can)
  • Negro Modelo
  • Siera Nevada
  • St. Paulie Girl
  • Stella Artois

Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Friday - 2pm to 12am
  • Saturday through Sunday - 12pm to 12 am

Lauers Pub also gives away FREE tickets to professional sporting events. You can win a chance to go to a Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, or even watch the 2005 World Series Champions (the Chicago White Sox) build another championship team.

Drink Prices

  • Domestic bottles - $2.75
  • Import bottles - $3.75
  • Monday
    Coors Light bottle - $2.25
    FREE Dart & Pool Games
    Heineken Draft - $3.00
  • Tuesday
    Coors Light Draft (16oz) - $1.50
    Coors Light Draft (pitcher) - $5.00
    FREE Dart & Pool Games
  • Wednesday
    Budweiser & Bud Light bottle - $2.25
  • Thursday
    Miller Lite & MGD bottle - $2.25
    FREE Dart & Pool Games
  • Friday
    Old Style bottle - $2.25
    $1.00 off Shots & Bombs
    FREE Dart Games
  • Saturday
    $1.00 off Shots & Bombs
    FREE Pool Games
    FREE Lunch from Noon until 4pm
  • Sunday
    All $3.75 bottles are $3.00
    16oz Premium Vodka Bloody Mary's - $4.00

Meet the Bartender

Bartender Jody
Bartender Jody

Where's Lauer's Pub Exactly?

Directions from Chicago O'Hare Airport

1. Head south on N East River Rd toward N Chester Ave 0.6 miles
2. Turn left onto IL-171 N/N Cumberland Ave 1.6 miles
3. Take the ramp onto I-90 E5.4 miles
4. Merge onto I-94 E10.6 miles
5. Take the exit on the left onto Interstate 90 Express E/Interstate 94 Express E toward Garfield Boulevard Continue to follow Interstate 94 Express E5. 4 miles
6. Merge onto I-94 E 11.9 miles
7. Take exit 71B for IL-83 W/Sibley Blvd 0.2 miles
8. Merge onto IL-83 S/E 150th St/N Rte 83 S/E Sibley Blvd Continue to follow E Sibley Blvd 2.9 miles
9. Turn right onto State Line Rd 0.4 miles
10. Turn right onto Pulaski Road and approach a STOP SIGN
11. Turn left onto Forsythe Ave and approach a STOP SIGN
12. Turn left onto 154th Place - LAUER'S PUB will be on your RIGHT HAND SIDE -First Building - 31 154th Place Calumet City, Illinois 60409 - 1.708.891.9748

Directions off from the Calumet Avenue Expressway in Hammond, Indiana

1.Take exit 1 to merge onto Calumet Ave/Hammond/North

2.Turn left onto E 165th St 0.7 miles
3.Turn right onto Hohman Ave1.3 miles
4.Turn left onto Highland St 0.2 miles and approach a STOP Sign
5.Turn right onto State Line Rd
6.Turn left onto Pulaski Road and approach a STOP Sign.
7.Turn left onto Forsythe St and approach a STOP Sign
8.Turn left onto 154th Place - LAUER'S PUB will be on your RIGHT HAND SIDE - First Building - 31 154th Place Calumet City, Illinois 60409 - 1.708.891.9748


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    • James Peters profile image

      James Timothy Peters 5 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      Thanks T. Jackson, hope to see you there - and soon!

    • profile image

      T Jackson 5 years ago

      The best bartenders around work here!! Great article James!