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Laughing Dog Brewing: The Dogfather Imperial Stout

Updated on May 19, 2012
Laughing Dog Brewing The Dogfather
Laughing Dog Brewing The Dogfather | Source

Laughing Dog Brewing has been brewing quality craft beer in Idaho since 2005. The dog on the label is Ben the owner. I seriously wish my dog was this motivated. My dog can do a couple tricks and plays a mean game of fetch but never once has she mentioned opening a brewery! However, it sounds like Ben is actually just a typical dog and really does nothing but eat, sleep, and bark. The actual brewing? He has "people" for that. One of the beers his "people" produce is "The Dogfather Imperial Stout". Come to think of it Ben does kind of resemble a younger Brando and he is the head of the family?! Idaho would be an ideal place for someone possibly in a witness protection program? Hmmmmmmmm.........


Let's start with the Dogfather's rap sheet:

11% ABV 71 IBU’s

7 different Malts 4 hops

Seasonal with a limited release in November

bullet holes in a bottle?
bullet holes in a bottle? | Source

The bullet holes in the bottle are a nice touch! Reminds me of a .45 slug out of a Thompson machine gun tearing through Sonny's sedan at a toll booth.


The pour is as thick and as dark as the Don's heart. A nice creamy, light brown head the color of old leather is produced with excellent retention followed by some nice lacing on the glass.

The aroma is sweet and chocolatey with a roasty caramel touch.

Daughter says, "Smells like chocolate!"


Heavy but smooth drinking. Light chocolate and dark roast coffee hints rounded out by a nice malty sweetness. Slight bitterness on the finish. Overall a very nice imperial stout.



Easy drinking imperial. You don't even notice the higher alcohol content. Perfect for lulling your enemies into a relaxed state before they sleep with the fishes. Very enjoyable, and at $7.99 for a 22 ouncer here in Ohio, cheap enough for a lowly henchman's budget. I love dogs and I love beer, what a great combination! I would definitely buy it again.

The Godfather and the Mafia
The Godfather and the Mafia | Source

Musical Pairing - Black Label Society "Mafia" Track 1- Fire it Up! Fire up the brewery and let the beer flow! Dark, heavy stout pairs well with dark heavy music and monster guitar licks from the metal master Zakk Wylde. Enjoy!


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    • Budman610 profile image

      Budman610 5 years ago from Ohio

      It has a pretty wide distribution. The nearest distributor to Ohio is Kentucky but I've seen it several places around here. It's pretty smooth! Thanks for reading!

    • Kyricus profile image

      Tony 5 years ago from Ohio

      I've never tried this one. Does it have much circulation outside of Idaho when its released? I really like the way it looks; very smooth and silky. I bet it tastes great.