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New Glarus Laughing Fox Beer Review

Updated on February 27, 2013

"Tickle-your-nose notes of spicy clove and cinnamon abound."
- New Glarus Brewing Company

Brief Overview of Laughing Fox

Laughing Fox is a sparkling Kristal Weizen brewed from early autumn to early winter by the New Glarus Brewing Company. The weizen is brewed using Bavarian tradition and 50% of the wheat used is grown in Wisconsin. Hints of cinnamon, cloves, and fruit add to this very enjoyable beer. Laughing Fox makes for a great autumn brew that is loaded with flavor and is very easy on the palette.

Laughing Fox Bottle Label

Laughing Fox bottle label by New Glarus Brewing Company.
Laughing Fox bottle label by New Glarus Brewing Company. | Source

The Story of Laughing Fox

The story of Laughing Fox is stated on the side of each bottle. "In playful pursuit of butterflies, a Red Fox danced across the brewery hill. His joy so pure it bubbled through our hearts and into this beer." Laughing Fox is a sparkling Kristal Weizen brewed using traditional Bavarian methods and 50% of the wheat used is Wisconsin grown wheat. The wheat is placed in open top fermenters also. Aromatic notes of spicy clove and cinnamon are tantalizing. The deep color of the fox’s red coat can be clearly noticed in this unique Weizen. This is a very enjoyable and drinkable beer that is perfect for a Wisconsin evening with family and friends.

Laughing Fox poured in a glass
Laughing Fox poured in a glass | Source

Laughing Fox Review

Laughing Fox is pours an impressive beige head of frothy foam that is creamy and retains itself well. The body color of the beer is dark copper and clear with a continual release of tiny bubbles via effervescence. There are no suspended particles or yeast floating around within this brew.

The aroma is that of cloves and fruit, along with subtle caramel and malt notes. The smell is very pleasant and the hints of ingredients are well balanced. No tinge of alcohol is detectable via smell.

The taste is that of fruit and pale, clean malts. The fruit is not overpowering by any means. The clove and a bit of cinnamon is also detectable, which works in tandem with the aroma. No bite of alcohol is detectable. The tastes are very well balanced. Overall, the taste is relatively complex but very enjoyable.

All the senses combine the ingredients into a very refreshing and drinkable brew. It is delicately light, but the flavor and aroma are balanced and complex. This is a very enjoyable brew for any time of the year, but it is only brewed for a few months out of the year.

Pairing Laughing Fox with Food

Laughing Fox goes great with a few main dishes, dessert, and cheese.

Pork roast and bratwurst pair very well with such a flavorful brew. The contrast between bratwursts and Laughing Fox balance out very well and the brew washes down brats perfectly. The same goes for pork roast and other dishes of pork.

A few cakes like carrot cake complement Laughing Fox. The sweetness of cakes go hand in hand with the flavors and aroma of the brew.

A few cheeses, especially fresh Wisconsin cheese, go great with Laughing Fox. Gruyere and aged cheddar pair well. Cheddar curds pair well and even better when fresh.

New Glarus is located in Green County, Wisconsin.
New Glarus is located in Green County, Wisconsin. | Source

Availability of Laughing Fox

Laughing Fox is available across the state of Wisconsin during fall and into winter in 6-packs and cases only. No quarter or half barrels are available. Laughing Fox is usually common in Wisconsin supermarkets and liquor stores throughout the autumn and early winter months. The packaging of the 6-packs and cases comes in the usual brown package with a green graphic of a horse drawn carriage hauling wooden barrels. The Laughing Fox bottle label features the silhouette of a fox leaping over the words "Laughing Fox." The label is simple and very recognizable as a New Glarus beer.

Remember, New Glarus Brewing Company brews are exclusive to Wisconsin. The first step over the state line and into the sister states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, or Michigan's Upper Peninsula will yield no results when searching for coveted New Glarus brews. Buy a pack when you visit to ensure enjoyment when returning home!

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