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Le Creuset Round French Oven Review

Updated on June 11, 2011
Le Creuset French Oven
Le Creuset French Oven

For kitchen lovers, the Le Creuset 5 ½ Quart Round French Oven is heaven sent. Made of enameled cast iron, it retains heat well and prevents overcooking. Le Creuset Oven’s composition allows it to be a forgiving pan. Why? It’s because of its heat retention and modulation properties. Such that, accidentally leaving your pan on the sizzle will not result in overcooking. You do not need to worry as burning the bottom of the pan is never an issue.

Product Highlights

· Round-shaped French oven with 5 ½ capacity, made of enamel cast iron

· Loopside handles made of cast-iron, stay-cool lid knob made of phenolic compounds

· Heavy, snugly fitted lid effectively traps in heat, flavor and moisture

· Dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended, safe for oven use

· Dimensions: 10 1/5 x 10 1/5 x 4 1/2 inches; limited lifetime warranty

Durability and Style

Prepare your gustatory masterpiece with this beautiful 5 ½ quart round French oven. Made of enamel coated cast iron, this is a perfect pan for slow-cooking meals. It has a large capacity that can contain regular sized meals. Despite its large capacity, it is also stovetop-friendly. The narrow mouth and base allow easy work on crowded burners. You can make your beef bourguignon, beef stew or other everyday favorites with this all around pan. In line with the quality of Le Creuset products, this cast-iron cookware is hand cast in a specialized sand mold. Artisan workers from Le Creuset factory of France manually finish this pot to create flawless work of art.

The fusion of enamel and cast iron results in a durable product. Its exterior is a heavy cast-iron that reflects vibrant color. Enamel compounds resist cracking and chipping despite everyday use and exposure to extreme temperature. This unique feature of Le Creuset pans ensures the pan to last long. Equally special is its interior made of non-reactive sand-colored enamel which is ideal for cooking. The smooth surface remains intact despite constant brush of metallic cooking utensils. Additionally, the smooth surface of the interior provides an excellent backdrop for presenting your foods.

High quality cast iron enveloped on the enamel coating guarantees even heat distribution and retention. Cast iron remains unexcelled when it comes to cookware properties. The enamel coating, aside from its aesthetic finish and durability, is impervious to odors and acidic compounds common with food ingredients. Combining the properties of Le Creuset 5 ½ Quart Round French Oven create evenly cooked and sumptuous meals, all for your hungry mouth’s satisfaction.

The oven comes with two cast-iron handles that makes transport safe and easy. These loops also provide firm grip even when using cloth or mitts for handling. The oven’s lid fits snugly onto the body thus it traps heat more effectively. Moreover, the lid’s phenolic knob can handle extreme heat. This pan can be used on any stovetop or induction stoves. Although Le Creuset 5 ½ Quart Round French Oven is dishwasher safe, hand washing provides best results.

Outstanding Versatility

You would never put this pot in storage, as the Le Creuset Round French Oven is one of the most versatile pans ever. It can be used for almost any cooking task. It is a great sauce or fondue pot as well as a baker. Over the stove, this pan is ideal for simmering soups and stews, simple baking of casseroles and roasting meats or vegetables.

Its functions do not stop over the stove. Like all other Le Creuset kitchenware, foods can be served straight to the table from the stove. Yes! That’s one feature that Le Cresuet products have. Because of its elegant, French style, you can serve foods on the table with this pot.

Le Creuset Round French Oven - Pros and Cons


• Stylish, glossy finish, ideal for food presentation

• Quality materials, well built

• Even heat distribution and quick heating

• Can be used on oven and stovetop

• Easy to clean, durable


• Weighty

• Enamel wears over time, occasionally stained

• Lid knob loosen with extreme heat

• Too big for small family

• Expensive

What Owners Think Of Their Le Creuset Round French Oven

Reviews from previous and current users say that Le Creuset Round French Oven is highly recommended. In general, consumers like this product for its durability and functionality. Other users even commend Le Creuset for making cookware that can be used from the stovetop straight to the table. Similarly, users have also commented on this oven’s aesthetic appeal. Compared with other pans and pots available this one is a sure standout.

On the other hand, there are several customers who find the Le Creuset Round French Oven to be a bit too large. Its 5 ½ quart content is more than enough for a regular size household. Because of its relatively large size, this pot tends to be heavier. Some users say that you can’t carry it alone. On top of these, many customers find Le Creuset Oven as relatively expensive.

You can purchase the Le Creuset Oven from Amazon for a reduced price. Be sure to check about the shipping deals too.

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