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Learn How to Make Meat Stocks

Updated on July 1, 2011

Why Make Meat Stocks?

Making homemade meat and poultry stocks is not only easy, but smart. Homemade stocks can later be used in soups, rice, casseroles, and many other dishes to add flavor. It tastes so much better than canned broth or bouillon. Homemade stock is much healthier than store bought. Store bought stock has lots of sodium, msg, and lots of other additives. Plus, it is cheaper than buying canned broth and a way to use leftover meat and bones.

When making meat stock, it's better to not use just meat and bones if you want rich flavor. Adding a few vegetables enhances the flavor a lot. You don't have to use fresh vegetables. It's okay to use vegetable scraps or vegetables that are past their prime. As a matter of fact, making homemade broth is a perfect use for them.

How to Make Meat Stocks

The basic way to make homemade meat stock is to use equal amounts of meat and vegetables to water. You can use any type of meat or bones- beef, pork, lamb, pork- they all work fine. Some of the best vegetables to add for great flavor are carrots, onions, and celery. Add your favorite seasonings if you like. Some of my favorites are bay leaves, thyme, pepper or whole peppercorns, garlic, basil, and oregano.

To make homemade meat stock, just throw it all in a stockpot and add the water. Cook it on low all day, or at least 3 or 4 hours. Check on it occasionally to see if it needs any more water and to stir it. Then drain it with a colander, removing all of the meat and vegetables and being left with rich, flavorful homemade meat broth. Put it into the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. Then skim off the layer of fat which will have congealed on top. Now you can use your stock however you like or freeze it for later.

How to Make Chicken Stock (or Turkey)

You can also make homemade poultry stock from either chicken, turkey, or both. It's a perfect way to use up those leftover carcasses from rotisserie chickens or the holiday turkey. You can even buy cheap chicken parts, like the necks, and it still costs almost nothing to make.

Adding vegetables makes chicken stock taste more vibrant. Just like the meat stock, use scraps or less than fresh vegetables for your stock. You don't even have to chop up the vegetables. Just throw them in whole!

You pretty much make turkey or chicken stock the same way as homemade meat stock. Some recommended vegetables to add are onions and celery. Recommended spices are pepper, garlic, and thyme. Add the poultry pieces and bones, any vegetables and seasonings, and water to a large stock pot. Let it simmer for a couple of hours. Then strain it and refrigerate. Skim the congealed fat off the top, and your homemade stock is ready to go.

How to Make Chicken Stock Video

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