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LearnSecretRecipe Tips

Updated on February 10, 2011

Perfect Results Using Secret Recipes:

Tips for Success


· Write out a grocery list for all items needed for the meals to come.

· Shop for fresh ingredients and keep them organized and available.

· Locate all the items that will be needed for preparation of the recipes.

Merge Tasks:

· Clean utensils while recipe is cooking or store and put away whatever is no longer needed in preparation.

· Save leftovers and package for future meals. Many foods can be served more than once, such as baked ham: use again for ham sandwiches, in a salad or casserole!

· Making multiple main dishes and sides at a time, sealing them and then freezing them can eliminate cooking time in the kitchen in the near future.

Stay in Good Spirits:

· Once a day, refresh yourself, go outside and take in the fresh air. Find time to sit down, relax and just take a little time for yourself.

· Instead of looking at cooking as just laborious, look at it as a time to create.

· Think pleasant thoughts, listen to your favorite music while in the kitchen.

· Make sure your food preparations area pleasant so that cooking becomes more enjoyable and rewarding.

Be Comfortable in the Kitchen:

· Wear soft-soled shoes, comfortable clothes and an apron while working.

· Stand upright and do not slouch ; this will keep you from getting tired.

· Organize work so that you are not working on your feet for too long at a time, a tall stool can help.

Organization in the Kitchen:

· The first thing to do to get perfect results from your secret recipes is to read the recipe very carefully. Be sure you understand all the directions before you start working!

· Be sure to see if there are any preliminary chores: like buying ingredients, chopping or dicing a vegetable up for a main dish.

· Look at any how-to pictures, hints and steps within the recipe, they will help you along the way.

· Pre-heat oven to needed temperature. This way, if a dish needs to be baked immediately after combining ingredients, then the oven will be ready.

· Measure accurately. A few minutes spent measuring and proper mixing can prevent you from unwanted results and a poor-tasting dish.

· Mix ingredients according to the recipe. Follow each step precisely as described, combine dry ingredients and mix well, then add wet ingredients.

· Being precise in the kitchen is the way to achieve culinary success.


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