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Learning to Cook

Updated on November 28, 2015
A somewhat simple meal.
A somewhat simple meal.

Reasons why you should learn how to cook.

Why should you learn to cook? Is it that important? Although not everybody can cook with flair, and conjure up delicious meals instantly, it is undeniable that cooking is one of the basic skills an individual requires to survive in this world. It is relatively easy to cook a simple meal, it may not taste that great at first, but if you have the time and interest, I'm sure with a little effort you would be able to cook wonderful, appetizing meals in no time. Otherwise, just learning the basics of cooking would be an asset in our daily lives.

I have heard of individuals who are clueless on how to cook a packet of instant noodles, let alone how to fry an egg! Now, there's nothing wrong in being pampered occasionally, but there should be a limit. What happens if no one is home to cook for you and you have just about run out of money? Learning how to cook is a survival skill that helps to nurture independence as it lessens the need to constantly rely on others.

Cooking can help save money as well; it is cheaper to dine on home cooked food than to eat out all the time. This is evidenced, especially by families who want to save, are on a tight budget or students living away from home. In addition, it can also be a healthier and nutritious choice, as most foods sold outside have a higher content in preservatives, sugar and fats.

As food sold outside may not be to everyone's' liking(tastes), cooking at home gives you the power to decide how you want the food to taste and moderate the amount of seasonings and preservatives; it gives you more control over your food than if you were to eat out. You have the choice to add less salt and more vegetables to your dish, making it healthier in the process. Or you may want to replace mayonnaise with a healthier substitute, and even accommodate towards food allergies or tolerances, if any. Moreover, you get to moderate the portion of the meal accordingly, so that food does not go to waste.

With the basic foundation in cooking, you may just discover your flair for it, and start to produce food that is tasty. As your cooking skill improves and your dishes become more complex, invite family and friends over to share your joy. After all, what fun is cooking all that food with no one to share it with? Food is a common factor in both family and social gatherings, and has the ability to foster closer relationships with family and friends through bonding (eating and fellowship). Besides, it is also possible that you might even find yourself going on a culture culinary escapade, exploring the wonderful recipes of different cultures from all over the world in the comfort of your kitchen.

For a start, you do not need to be able to cook complex and impressive dishes that take up a lot of preparation time; all you need is to start in simple steps with easy dishes. You might not get it right the first time round, but with practice and determination towards a healthier and different lifestyle, I'm sure you will be able to achieve it.


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