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Leisure Gourmet 60 cooker review

Updated on July 31, 2010

After having one of these cookers for a while now I would like to write a quick review based on my experiences.

A few months ago our cooker went up the spout and we had to find a replacement quickly. After trawling several comparison websites we came to settle on a particular model - the Gourmet 60 by leisure. Not only did this cooker look good it was just within our tight budget and reviews were fairly good.

The cooker was delivered and plumbed into the electric and gas within a couple of days and I looked forward to using it. As a keen cook at first glance this cooker looked like it had all I needed and should see me producing great meals well into the future.

Firstly, a brief listing of the cookers features:

4 gas hobs, 1xsmall, 2xmedium and 1xlarge

1 top oven/grill

1 larger oven at bottom

So fairly straight forward then? I'll start at the top and work down starting with the hobs.

The hobs come with a Grill plate which sits nicely over the 2 medium hobs on the left. It is of good construction and fits fairly securely across the hobs. The plate gets up to temperature relatively quickly and although can be messy to use offers very good results on cooking burgers and such like. The non stick surface works well and it is very easy to clean. The large hob is fairly powerful and can heat up a large pan of water in an adequate time, the medium hobs are adequate for frying and the small hob is of no particular use at all.

The top compartment is a shared oven and grill. Disappointingly this oven is a waste of time, one particular problem is that whenever you get it lit it has a tendancy to burn for a short period then extinguish itself for no reason. This has resulted in many spoilt meals due to us not realising it had gone out and a delay in many other meals due to us having to relight it several times when we have realised it has gone out - do not expect to light this oven, walk away and return to a piping hot casserole or pizza, in fact be prepared to camp next to the unit in antisipation of it extinguishing. The grill is ok but suffers from the fact it is either on or off with no variance in heat, also it doesn't seem to heat anywhere near the front meaning you have to keep turning the food to get an even grill.

The bottom oven is pretty much as good as the top. It doesn't heat up very quickly and all the heat seems to stay at the top, meaning food on the bottom or middle cook far slower than the top. Also, to my astonishment neither oven will take a 14" pizza.

The oven is self cleaning and this does seem to work quite well as splashes don't stick to the sides and burn.

I tried contacting leisure regarding the top oven going out problem and 4 months later have still not had a response. It seems they do not have a support line and all I could find was an email address, so my emails are still probably sitting on a server somewhere.

So then a few marks out of 5? OK here goes

The hobs ***

The griddle ****

The Grill ***

The top oven (No the lack of stars is not a mistake - just an omission)

The bottom oven **

Looks ****

Customer service (Again an omission not a mistake)

That gives an average score of 2 out of 5

Personally, I wouldn't recommend this cooker or Leisure to anyone and rue the day I purchased it.

Thanks for reading

Brendan Roberts (Doberdog)


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    • markminer profile image

      markminer 7 years ago from Albany, Oregon

      Wow, good information...thanks.