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Lemons over Limes

Updated on August 29, 2009

Lemon Smile

Lemon OVER lime which do you prefer?
Lemon OVER lime which do you prefer?

The ingredients included lemon or lime, preference-lemons. Lemons 3 for $2.00 or as the sign said $1.99. Eyes shifted to the left, lime 4 for $1.00. Budget say save, save, save lime it is. What is so special about lemons? Is it the majority preferred lemon taste over lime? Is the popular demand cheering for the bright yellow over the dull and not so bright green? Or is it the thought of the lime being unripe vs. the yellow lemon in pure ripeness color and taste? Is it that more expensive to grow lemons than it is to grow limes? Imagine the work put into planting lemon seeds. Could it be more demanding planting lemon seeds than lime seeds? That would be ridiculous but the demand for lemons over limes would put more farmers at work getting lemons into the markets than limes. When we use lemons in everyday cooking such as a squeeze of lemon juice over a nice grilled pink salmon filet one must think would I use a lime instead? Wondering if the same flavors would co-exist to add that zesty flavor to our favorite cooking dish? Looking up lemons and limes there were hundreds of articles catered to the use of lemons for cooking and even as a hair lightener. Who would have guessed? Unfortunately there were very few articles about the use of limes. Lemons are the preferred citrus fruit with its bitter sweet juices over the limes ever bitter never sweet taste.


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