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Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: Signature Milk Chocolates

Updated on January 10, 2010

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: Signature Milk Chocolates Assortment

Leonidas Beligian Chocolate are some of the best Chocolate sold at Amazon and recommnded by Amazon for shoppers looking to buy some fresh at tasty Chocolate online. There are quite assorted number of Leonidas Belgian Chocolate that you can choose here will look at some of the most sort after by customers

Signature Milk Chocolates Assortment

Product Features

The Signature Milk Chocolates Assortment has got the following features that you should consider when doing your purchase online

  • Size: 1.50 lb. Ballotin,
  • Approximately 43 pieces - Net weight 1.50 lb,
  • In Leonidas' signature wrapping paper and ribbon
  • Assorted fillings in milk chocolate covering
  • For those with a sweeter tooth
  • Ideal for gifts, or simply to indulge yourself!

The Signature Milk has got the following product description that you need to confirm before buying any at Amazon

Leonidas Milk Chocolate Assortment...with a well balanced and representative selection of Leonidas' fresh butter creams, sinfully smooth truffles and delectable pralines, all covered in sweet milk chocolate, guaranteed to tantalize even the most discerning palates. Introduce a friend to Leonidas today, or give in to temptation and indulge yourself...Leonidas...a great tradition of quality and freshness, since 1913.

2. Leonidas-Belgian-Chocolates-Napolitain-Chocolate

The other most sort after Leonidas Belgian Chocolates is called the Napolitian Chocolate, and has got the following products features

Product Features

· An entire ballotin filled with Leonidas' individually wrapped Napolitain Milk

· A bite-sized version of Leonidas' classic milk chocolate

· For those with a sweeter tooth

· In Leonidas' classic gold ballotin.

· Net weight 1 lb - Approximately 70 piece

Solid milk chocolate squares, for those with a sweeter tooth. Unwrap and enjoy with your morning coffee, after dinner, or simply to indulge anytime of the day.

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

 3. Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb Napolitain Sampler Ballotin 

Product Features

· An assortment of Leonidas Napolitains

· Nine varieties means you'll never be bored

· Includes Napolitains Dark, White, Milk, Orange, Nibs, Feuilletine, Mint, 72% Pure Origin, and Cinnamon

· Net weight 1 lb - Approx 70 Pieces - each piece individually wrapped

· Ideal for gifts, or simply to indulge!

It has got the following description to check out

Sitting around after dinner can be so much more interesting if you serve these delicate treats with your coffee. Leonidas' Napolitain Sampler Ballotin is filled with an assortment of our newest pieces. Unwrap and sample each colorful square and choose a favorite. Orange: an exotic blend of orange and dark chocolate, Cinnamon: a dark chocolate cinnamon flavored morsel, Mint: a dark chocolate square with a hint of mint, Feuilletine: a delectable milk chocolate morsel with chunks of crispy biscuit, Nibs: dark chocolate with fragments of biscuit, 72% Pure Origin: for true chocolate afficionados.

So there you have with you the main sort after Leonidas Belgians Chocolate to choose, it is always advisable to check the availability of any chocolate discussed above


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    • profile image

      Joanna 7 years ago

      These are incredible chocolates, I've received Leonidas Belgian Chocolates as a gift several times and the presenation and taste is absolutely perfect. I've started ordering the chocolate for myself now directly from their website, best treat ever!

    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Princessa - Leonidas Belgian Chocolate are well wrap and presented and you can hardly resist eating chocolate. Thanks again for

      your comment

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      I never liked chocolate until a Belgic friend introduced me to Leonidas. He brougth them for me in one of his trips to Belgium... I was over the moon. They've become my "fetish" chocolate!