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Lila Korte

Updated on August 11, 2012

Kecskeméti u. 2. 1053 Budapest.

This is a wonderful find. A real quirky cafe with great decor, service and a unique range of sweets.

Attracted by the purple chairs used outside the cafe we ventured a little closer and with clouds gathering we decided to look inside this lovely cafe and what did we find? A uniquely decorated cafe with some illuminated tables. To match the unusual decor were the unique mousses that Me and Myself chose. While all the cakes and drinks that were on offer were expensive, they were well worth the extra as they were really fresh and creamy. I had Esterházy torte, which was the best I have ever had. We accompanied our sweets with coffee and juice which were all very good.

To top it all off was the wonderful decor in the upstairs toilets with their huge photograph imprints on the doors and walls, which in the women’s toilet meant some very sexy men appearing to peer into each glass walled cubicle. Really imaginative and amusing.


Inside Lila Korte

A cosy corner
A cosy corner
lots of space
lots of space
illuminating our choices
illuminating our choices


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