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Liver, onions and Mushrooms! - Barnsey's take on a family recipe

Updated on April 6, 2012

Mom gave me a recipe for dad's liver and onions before she passed away twelve years ago but i actually improved upon the recipe. I made it simpler and easier and I managed to throw mushrooms into the lot.

Ingredients; Liver, three sliced onions, 1lb mushrooms

Don't like mushrooms? Well, you can still use my easy method of cooking liver with just onions, just increase the amount you place in the pan.

Here is the major difference. For some reason Mom said to dip the liver in flour before placing it in the hot, oiled pan. I think this is because the liver will instantly burn and stick to the pan regardless of how much oil you sit it in. Additionally you really do not want to add so much oil to liver, it takes away from its taste.

This is how I solved that flour issue. After placing a small amount of oil in the pan I layer the pan with onions and mushrooms. As they begin to cook I lay the liver pieces over the bed of steaming veggies. Place the lid on and watch as the liver steam cooks and never touches the pan.

Make sure to turn over the liver after fifteen minutes. Stir the veggies as well, we don't want to ruin this by making it a project cleaning up. Just make sure the veggies always cover the bottom of the pan and keep placing liver over the steam bed.

I used to make such a ridiculous mess with the flour my girlfriend banned me from making liver at all. Whaat? This forced me to find a different method and it works well. In fact as a lover of mushrooms it is even better than the liver and onions my dad used to make. Everything cooks down and caramelizes nicely, let's just hope you have someone to help you eat all this food! One package of liver and all those veggies will make plenty.

This is just another recipe and culinary trick from your friend Barnsey, enjoy!


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    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      The mushrooms change the taste and texture, just make sure to get some in with each bite of liver. Look forward to hearing how it goes!

    • DanaTeresa profile image

      Dana Strang 6 years ago from Ohio

      I am definitely going to try this. I live with my grandfather and do most of the cooking. He loves liver but I have never attempted to make it. I hate it! I can barely swallow it. Maybe this recipe will convert me into a liver lover! p.s. I am glad you eliminated the flour. I can't eat wheat. Once I give it a shot I will let you know how it turned out.