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Living and Raw Foods

Updated on February 18, 2011

What exactly does it mean, being alive?  This is very import question, one we might take for granted, but it’s actually a question that can be answered in many different ways.

Interestingly, science doesn’t appear to have one universally-agreed definition of what being alive is..!  This isn’t generally a problem, as it’s usually pretty obvious whether something is or isn’t living.  As with many scientific principles, the area for debate is at the margins.  Most biologists would tend to agree that when something is alive, it is growing, adapting, responding to stimuli, and could reproduce itself.  It would  also have certain kinds of physical or chemical characteristics, and be organized into specific kinds of cells

 Even more importantly, a living thing is one that can metabolize , that is it can transform energy and substances (such as food, sunlight, water etc), into different forms, to enable it to do all that living stuff in the previous paragraph.  This point is really important, because it distinguishes living things not just from those which are dead, but also forms that are for all intents and purposes dormant or inactive.

Beans... full of potential
Beans... full of potential

This is the reason living food is qualitatively different from raw food.  NOT every raw food is living.  Think about a dried aduki bean, shiny and red, lying in your palm.  Inside the kernel of that tiny bean is the potential for a sprout and then a new plant to grow, it contains the genetic blueprint for hundreds of beans to grow on that plant, and then infinite new generations of plants to follow.  If you looked closely enough at the center of that bean you would even see a minute little sprout, curled tight and ready to burst forth – but sleeping and inert.  You could keep it, dry and out of the light, for years like that – the potential would remain, but the state of the bean would be unchanged.  Right now it’s not ‘living’… and you certainly couldn’t eat it like that.

If you soak that little seed overnight however, some incredible stuff starts to happen.  That shiny protective husk softens, and the cells inside start to swell and expand till the husk cracks right off.  Inside the cells even more amazing changes are starting to happen...  It’s still a tiny browny-red dot, but its stored inert carbs are being transformed into proteins, vitamins, enzyme and minerals – the enzyme content actually multiplies by 300-1200%!  Remember, this transformational metabolism is life ,  and a real miracle is going on here.

If you keep the conditions right over the next few days, a root and a shoot will uncurl from your seed, and somehow that tiny inedible hard bean has transformed itself into a nutrient-packed superfood.  It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, everything your body needs!

Raw foods are great, but living foods are awesome.  Nutritionally, they are so complex and complete… and it’s so easy to sprout beans and seeds on your windowsill, you should have some on the go at all times.  They add delicious crunch and texture to any salad, and beat popping pills anytime for a fantastic health burst.  Enjoy the living foods experience, and the health, energy and life-enhancing benefits they bring you.


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    • StarCreate profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Spain

      Sprouts are a good way to get a LOT of nutrition from a small change in your diet, high density raw food!

    • The Ponderer profile image

      The Ponderer 

      10 years ago from Scotland

      Interesting. I have been meaning to start a more healthy diet. This has provided food for thought!


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