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Lodge Logic Iron Skillet

Updated on May 29, 2012

One of the best products I think I ever put money into was, a cast iron lodge logic skillet. I mean once you buy one it will last you forever. When you cook in one it seems to make the meat, eggs, pancakes, sauces and everything else taste that much better.

This cast iron skillet is perfect for the outdoor adventurer too. It makes perfect cooking over a campfire, because it will spread the heat evenly all around the skillet. This ensures that no matter what you are cooking it will be cooked and done evenly. No more having to worry about having one side burned, and the other side of the meat, just right.

This pan is also great for cooking anything large enough to accommodate the 12 inch pan. I recently used it to cook some cat fish that we had caught over the weekend. It tasted just like grandpa used to make while we were up by the lake.

This pan is real iron, and the heftiness reminds you of that every time. So, the Lodge Logic Skillet comes with two handles, to lift it safely and securely. They are also great for when you are pouring sauces out of it provides that extra stability without causing an accident. The Lodge Logic Skillet even comes pre-seasoned so when you are cooking in it the food will not stick to the bottom of it. Adding some additional oil to the bottom never hurts to make sure that food will not stick to it at all. This indestructible pan will last forever, and you can pass it down for generations.


1. Pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking

2. Comes with two handles for safety

3. Cooks evenly over a stove or campfire

4. Large cooking area 12 inches

5. Lifetime warranty by the manufacture now that is a true guarantee.


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  • Marlena Oechsner profile image

    Marlena Oechsner 6 years ago from Wisconsin

    I bought this exact skillet for my boyfriend for his birthday. He loves it! He swears that nothing cooks as nicely or as deliciously as it does in a cast iron skillet. On, they are not very expensive either and are well worth the price. Nice hub!