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Looking for a Gluten-free Vegan Soy Sauce? Sanchi Traditionally Brewed Tamari Soy Sauce: Product Review

Updated on November 14, 2015

Tofu and Tamari, the Wonder of Soy!

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Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a cheffy type in the kitchen?  Maybe Asian cuisines are what you tend to favour – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, the variety is immense and the flavours can be amazing!  (At least if you know what you’re doing: I don’t tend to trust my skills with these specialised cuisines and stick to Italian and regular old Anglo-Saxon fare when cooking myself.)

Soy, or soya sauce, is an essential ingredient in many of these cuisines, adding a kick of salty flavour to what might be an otherwise bland and tasteless dish. The product is produced in a variety of ways, e.g. via fermentation of soya beans, sometimes with grain and salt, or using hydrolysed vegetable protein, or as the run-off from the production of miso. A microorganism is used in the first method to ferment the beans, with or without grain. Is soy sauce gluten-free? Wheat and gluten may be present in some recipes and finished products.

This is an issue that can create some problems for those who suffer from celiac disease or gluten-intolerance. Can one little splash of soy sauce – should it contain a naughty dose of gluten – really cause problems? Well, evidently, for some sensitive individuals, it appears so. Is there a way around this problem? Certainly there are some soy sauces specially brewed so as not to contain gluten, and Sanchi Tamari soy sauce is one of these. My significant other is the major chef in our house, and especially when it comes to dishing up the Asian cuisine. He has always been extremely pleased with this brand of gluten-free soy sauce.

Whether it is gluten-free or not is not the only aspect of concern for some purchasers of a brand of soy sauce. Some brands of soy sauce may also not be suitable for strict vegans, or at least not be labelled as such, perhaps due to containing lactic acid, although there is dispute about whether this actually necessarily constitutes a problem.[1] Fortunately, Sanchi Tamari soy sauce is labelled as being suitable for vegans as well as vegetarians.

Are you currently looking for a brand of soy sauce that is suitable for your vegan or gluten-free requirements? Then Sanchi Tamari soy sauce may be worth checking out.


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