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Love my coffee, hate instant coffee, make ground coffee on the go.

Updated on June 22, 2015

Instant? Tried that and I don't like it.

Many completely reasonable people use instant coffee. Many are very happy with the cost and convenience of the instant. Some of the brands are so much better now, follow the directions on the label for best flavor.

Many of the fast food places make excellent coffee.

On the road I can hit many of the popular fast food places for a cup of good coffee, at a good price. Who ever would have thought places like Sonic, and McDonald's would end up serving really good coffee.

When I am away from the coffee maker, I still make ground coffee.

I have an infuser, ground coffee, microwave boiler cup, and the cup to make the coffee into. Not so complicated when you can't leave where you are for 12 hours or more due to work, and they don't have a coffee maker.

Easier and cheaper than you might think.

Get the finest screen you can buy, get the LARGEST grind coffee you can find. Water boiler mug, in glass or ceramic, with HANDLE. And your cup to drink from.

Infuser in cup,

Coffee in infuser,

Boiling water pour into infuser,

Steep 5 minutes, shifting infuser several times, Remove infuser, empty grounds and rinse infuser IMEDIATELY.

Drink great tasting coffee!

Studies pro and con about coffee.

Sort out the coffee company studies, and remove the studies by extremist ecological groups and you can find some good information about coffee for your health. Back before we had access to clean water universally, the main benefit was the water was boiled, removing bacteria. When the coffee was made it provided a bacteria free beverage. There is a huge profit in coffee, and it's detractors have some legitimate concerns.

I will support coffee sourced from sustainable harvesting techniques. I won't be happy to support those companies who outright abuse their workers in ANY industry.

Please note, plastic and metal changes coffee taste.

Use glass or ceramic to boil water in the microwave. Use stainless steel to boil water on stove. Use very CLEAN equipment. Aluminum and plastic will change your brew's taste, maybe for the worse.

Obvously, hot water, hot grounds and hot equipment WILL cause injury.

Standard precautions for those impaired, and unaware of safety issues, children, very elderly, and recovering persons. Scalds are not fun.


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