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Low Budget Gluten Free Lifestyle

Updated on April 14, 2016

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think about a gluten free diet? Is it expense? When you walk into the grocery store and look at the price of gluten free bread, do you cringe? You can live a gluten free life! And your wallet doesn't have to suffer!

When you find out you have to make a drastic lifestyle change, you probably cry. Thinking about all the foods you'll never be allowed to touch again can be heartbreaking. But what you don't know, is the majority of what you already eat... Is gluten free already! Double checking labels all over, can present you with some pretty surprising results. Sweet Baby Ray's Original Barbecue Sauce, is Gluten Free. And a great price as well. Johnsonville brats and grill patties, are gluten free. And if you shop at Aldi, they have a great line of products. It's a product line called, Live "G" Free.

And the best thing about Aldi, they label all of their products as to whether or not it's gluten free. So, if you're eyeballing a bag of flavored tortilla chips at their store... Don't be afraid, pick it up and check it out! Just turn the product around and look underneath the ingredients. Most products will say, gluten free and or lactose free. If you can't find the GLUTEN FREE on the product. Just put it down and walk away. And they are the only store that seems to carry gluten free pocket sandwiches. In other words, if you're severely saddened about never being allowed another morsel of the tasty Hot Pocket, there is a substitute. And, of course Aldi also sells fresh fruit and vegetables. They have everything you need to make a gluten free Shepard's pie. Although, who would put gluten in a Shepard's pie and call themselves a cook?

All you need for a great gluten free meal is the replacement of grain. If you eat bread with your soup or meals. Just make rice instead. Plain white long grain enriched rice. Or Jasmine rice, because it smells delicious, are usually replacement enough. If you must have flavored rice, it's best to use gluten free broth. You can always try coconut milk as well. There are some pretty tasty recipes that people have discovered.

If you found this insightful, I will be posting recipes when possible. Thanks for reading.


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