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Low-Calorie Homemade Black Bottom Pie

Updated on July 31, 2012


Here is a great recipe for low-calorie homemade black bottom pie. This recipe is great for those trying to cut calories and still satisfy their sweet tooth or diabetics who need to watch their calorie intake. I make this pie all the time for my family and they absolutely love it. I'm sure your's will too. Enjoy.



1 ¼ cups – graham cracker crumbs

½ cup – diet margarine


1 package unflavored gelatin

¾ cup – partly skim ricotta cheese

12 packets of your favorite sweetener (sugar substitute)

1 packet of low calorie whipped topping mix

1 ½ cups – skim milk

1 tbsp. - vanilla extract

¼ cup – cocoa

Preparing your crust

When preparing the crust for your black bottom pie, your going to need to let your diet margarine soften a bit. After the margarine has softened, put it and all of your graham cracker crumbs in a bowl and mix well. Your mixture should look like a lumpy, buttery whip. Next, you'll want to press the mixture evenly into the bottom and the sides of a 8 to 9 inch pan. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake for about 10 minutes. Once it's finished, let it cool. You have completed your pie crust.

Preparing the black bottom pie filling

Grad a small bowl or saucepan and sprinkle a your gelatin over ½ cup of skim milk. That's right, only a half of a cup of skim milk. Let the mixture cool for about a minute. Next, you'll want to turn your stove between low and medium. Heat the mixture while stirring until the gelatin dissolves.

Next, in a blender or food processor, blend your ricotta cheese until it becomes smooth and creamy. Add your gelatin mixture, your vanilla extract and your remaining cup of skim milk to the ricotta cheese. Continue blending until the mixture is completely smooth.

Now, remove half of your mixture and set it aside. Add 6 packets of your favorite sweetener and cocoa to the mixture that still resides in the blender. Blend well. Next, pour the blended mixture into your pie crust and place both mixtures in the refrigerator separately for 30 minutes.

While your mixtures are cooling, prepare your whipped topping mix according to it's instructions, gradually adding the remaining 6 sweeteners. Whisk your whipped topping into the mixture that is NOT in the pie crust (the mixture in the pie crust should be brownish because of the cocoa). Once you've added the whipped topping, spoon that mixture over the mixture in the pie crust. Sprinkle a bit of cocoa over the pie and there you have it, black bottom pie. If you made this pie in an 8 or 9 inch pan, it should yield up to 8 servings.

The finished product should look something like this...

Black Bottom Pie
Black Bottom Pie
Black Bottom Pie Filling
Black Bottom Pie Filling


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    • profile image

      summerrose70 6 years ago

      This looks great and the ingredients were things around the house, I am eager to see what else your cooking!! keep up the good work.

    • fresh2def05 profile image

      fresh2def05 6 years ago from Louisville, Ky

      Thank you breakfastpop. It tastes delicious too.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      I have to say this pie looks delicious. Thanks!