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Low Carb Quiche Recipes

Updated on April 19, 2012

Over the last two decades, people have woken up to low carb diets. Low carb quiche diets have become so popular among all and sundry in different parts of the world that there are now several types that are in circulation. This does not put an end to innovative ideas of people as there are newer ones that are springing up constantly. People have different reasons for choosing to make low carb recipes their choice. For many of those who have decided to embark on a food plan that would help them to address issues about their weights or some health complications, their choice is always low carb diets. If you are one of such people, you may want to consider learning of the different types of low carb diets that are available and how you can make use of them to help you in your situation.

More for health concerns, people are interested in quiche recipes that are low in carbs as it is believed that these are capable of making them resistant to some health problems or help them to solve them if they already have them. Most health problems related to blood, heart and other vital organs are said to be largely caused by the type of foods eaten. Too much sugar in the blood is a terrible condition and in medical research, the term glycemic index was coined to give a reflection of the amount of sugar in the blood. There is a little history behind the beginning of glycemic index and it is said to measure the way the food we eat affect our blood sugar level. It was discovered that there are some food types that can make the blood sugar level to become elevated such as potatoes and white bread. When the blood level spikes, it would soon crash again which will create the sensation for tiredness and hunger. This will eventually lead to overeating and increase in weight.

Some of the Functions of Quiche Recipes That Are Low in Carb

Surviving on low carb quiche recipes has its own functions and some health benefits. A restriction is placed on the amount of carbohydrates that gets eaten each day. The amount of carbohydrate eventually affects the amount of insulin a body can produce therefore the consumption of less carbohydrate would cause a significant reduction in the insulin level in the blood of the dieter.

As the body makes use of insulin as its major source of fuel, its depletion would make the body turn to another source of which is fat cells. There is a gradual reduction is weight and this happens curbing the cravings the dieter has for high carb foods and it would also bring about a lower number on the scale.

There are other reasons for using quiches that are low in carbs other than to lose weight. These kinds of diets make it possible to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels while the level of HDL which is the good cholesterol is lowered in the process. Low carb quiche recipes can be made to have very few carbs in order to achieve the purpose of a healthy living but this will depend largely on what you have included in your recipe. If you can make your quiches without crust and make use of meat and low carb veggies, you are more likely going to hit the target.


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    • etower036 profile image

      etower036 5 years ago from Helana

      Insulin is not a fuil. Glucose (blood sugar) is the fuil and Insulin is the chemical key that unlocks cells allowing glucose to enter the cells and to be used as energy. Too high of glucose levels in the blood stream if not used, gets converted into fat. I am diabetic type 2, but I am insulin dependent because my body rejects all the other pills which are to help control blood sugar (glucos) levels.

      Also where is the quiche recipe that your hub is supposed to be about. If you are calling your instruction about making the "quiche" with out a crust, then it is not a quiche, but a "frittata"

      I'm sorry if my review seems a bit harsh and don't mean it to be, I am just setting some of the facts straight.