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Low Carb Shakes - 10 Awesome Recipes!

Updated on January 21, 2013
Low Carb Shakes - yum!
Low Carb Shakes - yum! | Source

Low Carb Diet

I’ve been making low carb shakes lately. Yes, dear readers, I’m back on my low carb diet. I took a break over Thanksgiving and Christmas, regaining ten of the seventy pounds I’d lost. I’m not upset, though. I actually thought I would have gained more. I promised myself I’d get back on the low carb diet after New Year’s, and I did. I’m sort of “burnt out” on meats, though. I mean, I really like beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and seafood, but sometimes meat just doesn’t satisfy my cravings. I love skim milk, for example, and I miss it when I’m restricting carbs. Sure, skim milk is fat free, but it’s not sugar free and it’s not low in carbs, thanks to the lactose content. A couple of years ago, I discovered Hood Low Carb milk, and I tried it. I love the chocolate version, but I didn’t care for the taste of the regular milk – by itself. I have found out, though, that it’s good for making low carb shakes and low carb smoothies, which are wonderful diabetic recipes, too. Seriously – they’re really good, and I’ve found them to be very satisfying. I’m sure that’s because of the protein and fiber in the milkshakes. Try some of these low carb shakes next time you want something smooth, sweet, and frosty!

Low Carb Foods. I'm sort of tired of meat.
Low Carb Foods. I'm sort of tired of meat. | Source

Low Carb Foods

If you’ve ever been on a low carb diet or used diabetic recipes, you’ve probably memorized the list of low carb foods. You know you can have lots of meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and cheese. You can also have moderate amounts of low carb veggies and nuts. Surprisingly, some fruits are often classified as low carb foods, too, especially the ones with lots of fiber. These include blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, so it’s okay to eat small amounts of these healthy fruits. I sometimes add these fruits to my low carb recipes – not just for flavor, but also for healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

I’ve also learned to use sugar-free syrups in my low carb desserts, diabetic recipes, low carb smoothies, and low carb shakes. Be careful here, though. All sugar-free syrups are not low in carbs! On the other hand, some have no carbs or calories at all. For example, Walden Farms makes a strawberry syrup, a chocolate syrup, and a blueberry syrup, all with no calories, carbs, or fat. You can read more about Walden Farms products by clicking the link.

Torani has a dizzying selection of sugar-free syrups, and they have NO calories! That means no carbs, too. I can occasionally find these at Walmart, but I usually have to order them online. Be careful when you see these in stores, as the company also makes regular syrups that aren’t low carb foods. Just make sure to get the sugar-free version. It comes in raspberry, lime, orange, caramel, peach, Irish cream, peppermint, and other great flavors.

Just recently, I’ve started using Mio in some of my low carb desserts and lots of beverages. They also work in low carb shakes. Mio is a fairly new product, but it gets an A+ from me! I always keep a bottle or two in my purse for dining out. Mio has no calories, no carbs, and no sodium. They also have energy drink concentrates, but I don’t use those. The zero-calorie flavors include orange tangerine, strawberry watermelon, fruit punch, mango peach, black cherry, berry pomegranate, and tea flavors.

I use this in several Low Carb Desserts.
I use this in several Low Carb Desserts. | Source
Low Carb Snacks - try this!
Low Carb Snacks - try this! | Source

Low Carb Shakes

These low carb shakes are great! I might not think so if I were regularly downing real milkshakes and eating ice cream and other foods that I can’t have on my low carb diet. As it is, however, low carb shakes have been a welcome addition to my diet. They’re cold, creamy, and sweet, and they even look good! Sometimes I add a little protein powder and/or ground flaxseed to make the shakes even healthier.

I’m not a big cheese eater, so I’ve worried about getting enough calcium. These shakes help take care of that. The key ingredient to my low carb shakes is Hood milk. It comes in regular and chocolate, in half-gallon cartons. I buy mine in the dairy section at my local Walmart. The regular milk has less than three grams of net carbs, 70 calories, and 5 grams of protein per eight-ounce serving. The Hood chocolate milk has four net carbs, two grams of fiber, 80 calories, and six grams of protein per serving. A serving of either flavor gives you almost a third of the calcium you need every day, too.

Oh, I need to add this: You can dress up your low carb shakes with real whipped cream – right out of the can. Two tablespoons adds just one gram of carbs! I use these shakes as low carb desserts and as low carb snacks. They’re really good pick-me-ups when you’re feeling tired and hungry.

Low Carb Vanilla Shake

1 cup Hood low carb milk

1 cup small ice cubes

½ teaspoon vanilla

Splenda, to taste

Directions: Add all ingredients to a blender and grind until smooth. Drink and enjoy!

tangerine shake
tangerine shake | Source

Tangerine Dream

1 small tangerine

1 cup Hood low carb milk

¾ cup small ice cubes

Orange or tangerine syrup, to taste

Splenda, to taste

Directions: Separate tangerine into sections and remove seeds. Keep one section out for garnish.

Place tangerine sections, ice, and milk in blender – in that order. Grind until smooth.

Slowly add fruit syrup and Splenda, tasting as you do so.

Pour into a glass and garnish with a tangerine section.

Low Carb Mocha Shake

1 cup Hood chocolate milk

1 tablespoon hot water

1 teaspoon instant coffee granules

1 cup small ice cubes

Chocolate syrup, to taste

Directions: Pour milk into blender.

Dissolve coffee in hot water and add to milk. Add ice cubes and grind.

Add chocolate syrup to desired taste.

low carb chocolate shake
low carb chocolate shake | Source

Low Carb Chocolate Shake

1 cup Hood chocolate milk

1 cup small ice cubes

1 - 2 tablespoons zero-calorie chocolate syrup

Directions: Addeverything to blender and process until smooth.Top with whipped cream and a few chocolate sprinkles.

Low Carb Desserts - in shake form!
Low Carb Desserts - in shake form! | Source

Low Carb Desserts

I’ve found that some of my low carb shakes are actually rich enough to be used as low carb desserts! You’ll notice that these low carb shakes include more than just milk, ice, and Splenda. They also include some real food, like fruit or cream cheese. I often add ground flaxseed to my cheesecake, apple cobbler, and key lime pie shakes, to sort of act as the crust and to add some fiber and omega-3 fats. These are very yummy, and they’re healthy. They could be used as low carb snacks, too.

Low Carb Cheesecake Shake

1 cup Hood milk

½ cup crushed ice

2 ounces cream cheese, softened

2 tablespoons Splenda

1 tablespoon sour cream

1 tablespoon ground flaxseed

¼ teaspoon vanilla

Fruit syrup, to taste (any flavor)

Directions: Place all ingredients in blender and process until smooth.

Place apple pieces in blender.
Place apple pieces in blender. | Source
Add remaining ingredients and grind or puree.
Add remaining ingredients and grind or puree. | Source
Sprinkle with cinnamon and add an apple slice.
Sprinkle with cinnamon and add an apple slice. | Source

Rate my low carb shake recipe!

4.3 stars from 4 ratings of Low Carb Apple Cobbler Shake

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Ready in: 5 min
Yields: makes 2 servings


  • 1/2 tart apple
  • 1 cup small ice cubes
  • 1 cup Hood milk
  • 3 tablespoons Splenda
  • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed
  • 1 teaspoon melted butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • pinch ground cloves
  • pinch salt


  1. Peel apple and cut into small pieces. Place in blender.
  2. Add ice cubes and Hood milk.
  3. Add remaining ingredients and grind until smooth.
  4. Pour into serving glass and sprinkle more cinnamon on top. Garnish with apple slice.
key lime pie shake
key lime pie shake | Source

Low Carb Key Lime Pie Shake

1 key lime

1 cup Hood milk

1 cup small ice cubes

2 tablespoons Splenda

¼ teaspoon vanilla

Lime syrup, to taste

Pinch salt

1 drop green food coloring

Directions: Cut one slice from lime for garnish and set aside.

Remove peel and seeds from remaining lime and add to blender.

Add remaining ingredients and grind until smooth.

Pour into glass and garnish with lime slice.

I love the taste of cherries!
I love the taste of cherries! | Source

Cherries Jubilee

1 cup Hood milk

1 cup small ice cubes

1 tablespoon Splenda

½ teaspoon brandy flavoring

Cherry syrup, to taste

Whipped cream

Maraschino cherry

Directions: Add all ingredients to blender and process to desired consistency.

Pour into a pretty glass and top with whipped cream and a cherry.

Low Carb Smoothies - use this.
Low Carb Smoothies - use this. | Source
Low Carb Smoothie Recipe
Low Carb Smoothie Recipe | Source

Low Carb Smoothies

How do you make low carb smoothies, since most smoothies contain lots of fresh fruit and oftentimes yogurt? Quite honestly, it took me a long time to find low carb yogurt that was good enough to eat. The best one I’ve found is Dannon Light & Fit Carb & Sugar Control. One container has just three grams of carbs, 50 calories, 1.5 fat grams, and five grams of protein. I like a really cold low carb smoothie, so I usually add some ice to the blender. By the way, these make tasty low carb snacks!

Strawberry Low Carb Smoothie

2/3 cup Hood milk

1 container Dannon low carb strawberries and cream yogurt (4.4 ounces)

1/2 cup ice

2 large fresh strawberries

Strawberry syrup, to taste

Directions: Blend everything together and pulse to desired texture.

Low Carb Smoothie Recipe – with blueberries

2/3 cup Hood milk

1 container Dannon low carb vanilla cream yogurt (4.4 ounces)

½ cup ice

¼ cup fresh blueberries

Blueberry syrup, to taste

Directions: Combine ingredients in blender and grind or puree until smooth.


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    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 4 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks, Bonsie! I have lots of sugar free/low carb/diabetic recipes here on HP and on my website. Enjoy!

    • Bonsie007 profile image

      Bonsie007 4 years ago

      I'm a diabetic and can relate to the low carb dieting! I have to especially watch products labeled sugar free aren't low in carbs. Your shakes sound yummy!