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Low or no sugar cooking

Updated on December 16, 2011


Low or no sugar cooking is a challenge; but well worth the effort.

The first thing to do is get on the internet and research artificial sweeteners. There are a multitude of them out there. Some are liquid, some are powdered, and some are even syrupy. It is difficult to select one sweetener and use only that one. You may have to use more than one for different recipes. I use lots of Splenda but it does not melt in cooking so it poses a problem for things that need to be smooth like fudge for example. In that case you can add a few drops of cold water to melt the splenda or put it in a blender and make it powdered. In some cases it is just easier to use liquid sweetener.

One must also remember that starches such as potatoes, pasta, bread, crackers, etc. break down into sugar, these are called carbohydrates. When cooking low or no sugar it is important to also be aware of how much carbohydrates are in your recipe. If you research and find out what the portion size if for that particular carbohydrate, and are careful about portion control the carbohydrates should not be a huge problem. Dairy is good for you but it can also be high in sugar.

It is important that you learn to understand how to read the labels to get the lowest sugar. Be aware that if it says low in calories or low fat it could still be high in sugar. In most recipes you can just substitute the sugar for artificial sweetener, but you must watch for things like consistency. You may have to add more liquid with powdered sweeteners and less with liquid sweeteners. It is important that you make the recipes by following the directions exactly, and then you can change the recipe to make it your own. If you find it too sweet add less sweetener next time or more if not sweet enough. Add more liquid or less as needed. Every one of us has different tastes so it is important to make your recipes to your taste.

If you are on a restricted sugar lifestyle, enjoying what you eat is extremely important. Another important thing to remember is presentation. If your food is displayed nicely on a plate you are more likely to enjoy it. Things like a slice of tomato, a sprig of parsley, or even a sprinkle of green onions can make your food more attractive.

I have been on a restricted sugar diet for 22 years and if I can do it so can you.

Happy healthy eating


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