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Lunch at The Three John Scotts in Exchange Court in Hull

Updated on July 12, 2014
The Three John Scotts, a J D Wetherspoons pub in Hull.
The Three John Scotts, a J D Wetherspoons pub in Hull. | Source


The Three John Scotts, Exchange Court, Hull, HU1 1XW.

A markerThe Three John Scotts -
Exchange Court, Hull, HU1 1XW.
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Initial Impressions

The Three John Scotts is a J.D. Wetherspoons pub in Hull's Old Town. There is a beer garden to the rear of the pub. Available parking nearby is either on street or in one of the multi-story car parks. The pub was visited on a Friday lunchtime, and was busy when entered, with almost every table occupied, but this had died down substantially by the time that the location was left.

There are a number of food clubs available throughout the week; on Friday it is Sustainable Fish Friday, which is a battered cod fillet and chips with an included drink. The Three John Scotts does not have table service. Customers have to find a table, make a note of the table number, then go to the bar to order and pay for their food.

A tray of bottled condiments was brought over with the food, if desired, and the required cutlery was brought with the food wrapped in a paper napkin.


The Food

The food was ordered from the normal menu. The meal chosen came with a half of Pepsi, which could be, and was, upgraded to a pint for an additional 30p. This was as good as can be expected from a draught soft drink.

Main Course

The was an Original Gourmet Chicken Burger which, as mentioned, came with an included drink. The drink could be chosen from a variety of hot and cold drinks, soft drinks and wines, spirits and beers, although the alcoholic drinks increased the price by £1. The burger could also be doubled up for an extra £2 with an additional burger being added.

This was comprised of a piece of chicken breast (rather than a processed chicken burger) served in a sesame seed bun with lettuce, sliced red onion, sliced tomato, bacon and a spicy Monterey Jack cheese sauce and some beer battered onion rings. It was accompanied by chips, some more onion rings and a pepper sauce that was served in a small dish on the plate.

Everything was fresh and nothing had been overcooked, and was at the proper temperature, although the Monterey Jack cheese, being a sauce rather than a slice or grated cheese, had mostly slid out of the burger, and the burger wasn't as well constructed as it could have been, even with a wooden skewer holding it together it was a bit lopsided. Other than that, this was fine. Neither the spicy Monterey Jack nor the pepper sauce were noticeably spicy or hot.


The dessert was Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream, which came with a waffle topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and maple flavour syrup (strawberry and blueberry compote was an alternative). This was served much more quickly than the main course was.

The ice cream was pretty standard vanilla and, even though it was maple flavour syrup rather than the more expensive genuine variety, there wasn't an overabundance of it.

My Review

The price for the meal including the drink came to £9.94. The main course took longer than would be normal to be brought out, which was presumably due to the level of custom at that time. The food was fine and reasonable value for money, and the service, even if it was a bit on the slow side, was friendly and polite.

The lack of table service, and the need to return to the bar when ordering anything else, is a definite disadvantage for those dining alone, especially during busy times.

The Three John Scotts provides a reasonable standard of food at a reasonable price, that is recommended if you are looking for something a step up from fast food.

3 stars for The Three John Scotts, Hull


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