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Lunch at The Zachariah Pearson on Beverley Road in Kingston-Upon-Hull

Updated on July 10, 2014


The Zachariah Pearson, 386 Beverley Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU5 1LN.

A markerThe Zachariah Pearson -
386 Beverley Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU5 1LN.
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Initial Impressions

The Zachariah Pearson is situated on Beverley Road in Hull, one of the city's major arterial roads, and is part of the J.D. Wetherspoon chain of pubs. There is a free car park behind the pub, although the surface was in poor shape. The pub was visited on a Thursday lunchtime and was very quiet during the entire visit, with only a few tables occupied, although it was slightly busier at the end of the visit when compared to the beginning. The Zachariah Pearson has a number of different food clubs available on different days of the week; on Thursday this is the Curry Club.

When ordering food, you must first choose a table - the surface of the table chosen was a bit on the sticky side - and then choose your food and make a note of the table number, before going to the bar to both order and pay for the order. Any subsequent items desired require another visit to the bar. A table of bottled condiments was available on the table, and the cutlery was wrought out with the food and wrapped in a napkin.

The Food

The main course chosen came with an included drink. There are a range of hot and cold, soft and alcoholic drinks, including wines, beers and spirits, available, although alcoholic drinks increase the cost of the meal by £1. The drink ordered was a draught Pepsi, which was upgraded to a pint for an extra £0.20, and was good as can be expected from a draught soft drink.


Main Course

The main course was an Original Gourmet Chicken Burger, which was a chicken breast with two slices of bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, pepper sauce, sliced red onion, lettuce and sliced tomato in a seeded bun served with six onion rings and a portion of chips. For an extra £1, this could have been doubled up with a second chicken breast, and there are a range of other optional toppings available at different prices.

Usually, half of the onion rings on the burgers are served inside the burger, but in this case they all accompanied it. Which was probably better, as it meant they were all crisp rather than soggy. The onion rings are also made from actual onion rings, rather than reconstituted onion. All the food was hot and fresh, but the portion of chips seemed a little on the mean side.



The dessert was a Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream, which was a warm waffle topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and the covered with maple-flavour syrup. True maple syrup is rather more expensive, which is presumably why maple-flavour syrup was served. Instead of the syrup, it could also have been had with strawberry and blueberry compote.

The waffle was warm and soft, and the ice cream hadn't been left on it too long, as it was still whole and hadn't really started to melt yet, something it can do very quickly. The vanilla ice cream was fine, if nothing special, and the maple-flavour syrup was a sweet contrast.


My Review

The cost of the meal including the drink came to £9.84, which is a reasonable price for this type of meal, especially with two courses and a drink. Both courses were served quickly, at around five minutes for each, which was good - just because a place is quiet doesn't necessarily mean that the food will be ready quickly.

The lack of table service is inconvenient when dining alone, as this can mean leaving items at the table to show that it is occupied. This is a bigger disadvantage when the place is busy, so this wasn't as important on this occasion.

Overall, this was an enjoyable meal. The food was nice, if nothing exceptional, the price was reasonable and the service was fast. The table could have been cleaner, but the paper mats on the table - which were actually menus promoting the Curry Club and Breakfast Menu - meant this wasn't a major problem.

My Opinion

3 stars for The Zachariah Pearson, Hull


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