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Lunch at the Bagel Nash in the Kingsgate Centre in Huddersfield

Updated on November 24, 2014
Bagel Nash, Kingsgate Shopping Centre, King Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2QB,
Bagel Nash, Kingsgate Shopping Centre, King Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2QB, | Source


Bagel Nash, Kingsgate Shopping Centre, King Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2QB,

A markerBagel Nash -
Kingsgate Shopping Centre, King Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2QB,
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Initial Impressions

Bagel Nash are a chain of light eating places specialising in bagels, although they also sell wraps, and a range of hot and cold drinks. Food can be bought to eat in or to take away. This branch is in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre in Huddersfield. It is in an open area at one end of the arcade, along with a couple of other light eating places. The location is in an area surrounded by area with tables and chairs inside it.

There is car parking in the shopping centre's own paid car park, and some limited on street available outside. The branch was visited early on a weekday lunchtime and most tables were occupied. To order a bagel, or other food, you go to the counter where there are different bagel types available, most savoury but with one sweet and one plain, although several had sold out, as well as fillings. You can choose your own fillings, rather than choosing an existing bagel recipe. A type of bagel is picked, and then your fillings are. As the bagels are made fresh to order, once paying for anything purchased, you are given a number and you can find a table and wait for the order to be made.

There are plastic knives and forks, some condiments, and paper napkins available from a stand. There is a Meal Deal in which a deli bagel can be ordered with either a cookie, a packet of crisps or two hash browns as well as a drink - a can of either Coke or Diet Coke or a bottle of Harrogate Water - for £5.

The Food

Two deli bagels were ordered, both on the £5 Meal Deal. The drinks ordered were a 330 ml can of Coca-Cola and a 500 ml bottle of Harrogate Sparkling Mineral Water, both of which were served with plastic cups. The additional items included in the Meal Deal which were chosen were a packet of Pipers Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar crisps and a Milk Chocolate Cookie, which was served on a plate and came in a packet with a date on it.

The first bagel chosen was the Chicken Caesar on a multi-seed bagel (which contains millet, sesame, sunflower and pumpkins seeds and brown and golden linseeds). This contained chicken breast, shaved parmesan, lettuce and caesar dressing. The pieces of chicken breast had been cut up quite small, and there was plenty of it. The caesar dressing provided a noticeable taste.

The second bagel was Brie & Grape on a poppy seed bagel (sprinkled with poppy seeds) and contained brie, red seedless grapes and cranberry sauce. The grapes were whole and the cheese had a good flavour to it.

Each bagel was served on a plate with the finished sandwich sliced in half. The bagels themselves were slightly toasted. The bagels were fresh and there was lots of filling in them. The cookie was soft and had quite a bit of chocolate in it. The crisps were strongly flavoured of salt and vinegar.


My Review

The cost, as both bagels were ordered on the Meal Deal, came to £10. The service was quick, despite the location being busy, with not long to wait for the bagels to be brought over after paying for them. This was a reasonably priced light meal, which was comparable in price to other similar places. The quality of the food provided was good, with all the fillings being fresh and the bagels having plenty of them in them. This Bagel Nash in Huddersfield is recommended for a reasonably priced snack lunch.

3 stars for bagel Nash, Kingsgate Centre, Huddersfield


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