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Healthy Lunch Ideas to Add to Your Homemade Lunch Menu

Updated on June 28, 2020

A homemade lunch should be delicious, rich in nutrients and perfect for each member of the family. Lunch is probably the only meal of the day when you can eat really heavy foods and get away with it. From the working man to little school children, everyone loves a good lunch. So many people burn a lot of money buying their lunch from canteens and restaurants, probably because they are always at a loss as to what to cook for lunch.

This article covers an inexhaustive list of healthy Nigerian foods that are perfect for lunch and can be enjoyed by everyone. These foods are nutritious, inexpensive and easy to prepare from the comfort of your kitchen.

Rice foods

  1. Jollof rice. This classic West African dish is probably the most popular dish in the African (particularly Nigerian) cuisine. No wonder, cause it's both healthy and inexpensive to prepare. The combination of rice, tomatoes and some form of protein makes it highly nutritious. See this article for a delicious recipe.
  2. Coconut rice. This rice dish is delicious and highly nutritious. The key ingredient in coconut rice is coconut milk. Processed coconut milk can be bought in a grocery store or you can make it yourself by blending coconut in a blender with a little water and straining out the milk. See the full recipe for Nigerian coconut rice here.
  3. Vegetable fried rice. As the name suggests, this rice food packs a whole lot of chopped and diced vegetables. Excellent for growing kids.
  4. Palm oil rice. This is probably the easiest rice meal ever. The beautiful thing about it is that it can be prepared with leftover cooked white rice -effectively minimizing waste.
  5. White rice and sauce. This is the reason why rice is the king of grains. White rice can be eaten with a variety of sauces. As a wife myself I always make sure I have different stews and sauce in my fridge. This makes lunch super easy for me. All I have to do is cook some salted white rice and microwave my sauce and lunch is set.

Always have rice in your home. If you can't afford a bag of rice, you can buy half.

Beans foods

  1. Porridge Beans. This protein-packed dish is excellent for any meal of the day. You can prepare it with fresh or canned beans.
  2. Porridge Beans and Yam. This is a step up from the regular porridge beans. The yam adds an element of starch and transforms your lunch into a feast. Click here for a delicious recipe.
  3. Nigerian Beans cake (Moi-Moi). This is a traditional Nigerian dish, but its savory flavor can be enjoyed by everyone. It can be eaten at any time of the day but it is specially paired with a rice dish for a solid lunch. Check an easy sumptuous recipe here.
  4. Rice and beans. This dish is a feast with the starch from the rice and protein from the beans.


Yam porridge is perfect for lunch. There are various recipes for yam porridge, but it remains a healthy and filling dish.

Boiled white yam and scrambled eggs is a perfect lunch for school children. The eggs serve as good protein while the yam balances it out with starch.

Bean Cake (moi-moi)


Plantain can be eaten in so many ways. Fried plantain and eggs make an excellent breakfast but for lunch, try plantain porridge. Plantain porridge is best prepared with unripe plantains for its iron-rich content.

Boiled plantain and kale sauce is also excellent for lunch. It's smart and easy to prepare.

Kale sauce is prepared by stir-frying sliced onions in vegetable oil, add a little salt, add diced or blended tomatoes, add pepper (ground pepper or scotch bonnet), add prawns or any protein of your choice. Add a little water then throw in the sliced greens. It's so nutritious.

Plantain Porridge


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