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Maharashtrian Cuisine

Updated on August 18, 2017
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Glimpse of Maharashtrian dishes

Being born and brought up in North India I was lucky to have the privilege to be a part of a community where the food is a blend of all kinds of spices. I might be biased when I will say that North Indian food is heaven for taste buds. After spending 20 years of my life in North India, I had the opportunity to explore the rest of the India. I landed in Maharashtra. I had lived in few cities of Maharashtra. My love for food automatically made me experiment with new city flavours.

One might have the wonder the inspiration of Maharashtra cooking as the variety of cuisines is mouth-watering. I felt the glimpse of North Indian touch in some recipes but at the same time, the presence of coconut made me doubt that it is more related to the southern art of cooking. The cuisine in Maharashtra is also influenced by the royal culture of Marathas. Maharashtra Konkan region has a blend of Malvani, Goan and Gaud Saraswat cuisine.

You will get a range of recipes of all tastes from mild to spicy cuisines. Bajri, lentils, jawar, vegetables, wheat, rice, staple fruits etc., are part of Maharashtra kitchen.

Health orientated food is also one of the specialities of Maharashtrian cuisine. It avoids deep frying or roasting in most of the dishes and involves steaming for cooking purposes.


Snacks Time…

In Maharashtra, we can come across a variety of appetisers and snacks to give our taste bud s a new experience every time. I will mention a few, which I happen to experienced myself-

Pohay- Pohay is the main snack in Maharashtrian culture. It is made of rice. It has a traditional bond also with marriages. Kanda-Poha is served in Maharashtra arrange marriages. Pohay can be mixed with onions, potatoes, coconut etc. to have a delicious taste in each recipe


Paav Bhaaji- As I have wandered down the streets of Mumbai, this is the most famous and common dish that I have come across. Paav is soft wheat bun which is often served after fried in butter and the Bhaaji is the mixture of vegetables which are chopped, mashed and steamed. The added flavours are onion, cheese, and butter

Bakarwadi- This snack is awesomely tasty and it is mostly accompanied with tea. I have tasted the famous Bakarwadi from the Chitale Bandhu shop in Pune. This shop is very renowned for the quality of snacks it provides.


Sabudana Khichdi- This dish is mostly used on traditional days mostly while fasting

Special aroma during the festival season:

Being the hub for the people of all parts of India, almost all the Indian festivals are celebrated in Maharashtra. The traditional way of celebration is mostly using the sweets to be an integral part of the ceremony.

Few of the most important delicacies are Karanji, shev, chiwda, and a variety of laddoos recipes.

Pooran Poli- This sweet is prepared on festive occasions and is a part of a heavy meal. The main ingredients of this dish are jaggery, ghee, Chana Dal, flour. This dish is very popular as Maharashtra sweet.
Modak- This dish or sweet is a part of a religious festival of Maharashtra known as Ganesh Utsav. It is considered as food for Lord Ganesha. These are made with flour in the shape of dumplings. The filling used consists of jaggery and coconut mixture.
Gulachi Poli- This is a famous dish prepared on Makar Sankranti festival in Maharashtra.
Shreekhand- It is a kind of thick yoghurt dessert, mainly prepared in weddings and Dushera festival.
We have seen the vegetarian side of Marathi menu till now, however, the non-vegetarian section is also full of surprises.

The Kolhapur is famous for its spicy recopies. The mutton is one of them. The curry which is commonly used for meat preparation is called “Saoji” curry. Saoji chicken is another famous spicy dish.


Common seasoning used in Maharashtra cuisine-

  • Bay Leaves
  • Coriander seeds
  • Dry Red Chillies
  • Jaggery
  • Kokam

Common vegetables used in Maharashtra cuisine-

  • Gourd
  • Brinjal
  • Green Peas
  • Jackfruit
  • Potato
  • Spinach
  • Tapioca
  • Tomato

Common beverages in Maharashtra cuisine-

  • Panha- It is prepared with raw mangoes, used as a summer drink.
  • Sol Kadhi- This drink belongs to Konkan region. This is prepared with coconut milk and kokum.

Common Veg dishes in Maharashtra cuisine-

  • Fansachi bhaji
  • Gajarachi Koshimbir
  • Dalimbi
  • Bharli vangi
  • Aamti Dal

Common Non Veg dishes in Maharashtra cuisine-

  • Kombdi Vade- Chicken curry dish made with fresh grated coconut and garam masala, red and green chillies.
  • Lonvas- Mutton or beef dish
  • Pandhara rassa
  • Taambda Rassa
  • Varhadi Rassa

Common breads in Maharashtra cuisine-

  • Bhakri- This bread is prepared from Bajra or jawar. It is a part of Marathi Thali.
  • Poli- This is Marathi roti prepared with wheat flour.
  • Pav
  • Dashmi- This is prepared with sooji or semolina.

There are many flavors and tastes in the cuisine of Maharashtra. The flavors can be divided into two sections ie. Coastal and Interior. The portion along the coast of Arabian Sea encourages the Konkani cuisine. Konkani dishes are a combination of Malvani and Goan cuisines. I would suggest it is worth to experience the diversity of the taste of Maharashtra.

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