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Mail Order Seafood Companies

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you a fan of delicious fresh seafood? With the wide variety of mail order seafood companies providing quick, safe home delivery services, you don't have to live near the water in order to enjoy fresh fish and shellfish at home.

Mail order seafood is a great option for getting fresh seafood to enjoy in your own home or to share with friends and family members that are on your special occasion gift giving lists. After all, who wouldn't enjoy a special delivery of fresh seafood or a selection of delicious prepared seafood entrees delivered to their door as a birthday or anniversary gift?

All Fresh Seafood

When you order from All Fresh Seafood, you can enjoy the same great fish and shellfish products prepared by top chefs in many of New York's finest restaurants in your own home. You can choose among a wide variety of fish choices, including smoked fish, fresh whole fish, fish steaks, and fillets. Shellfish options include crab claws, lobster, lobster tails, scallops, and shrimp.

You can also order a variety of prepared seafood and side dishes from this company, including baked clams, grilled salmon, grilled shrimp, lobster puffs, lobster ravioli, seafood salad, shrimp ravioli, tuna salad, and many other selections. A variety of appetizers, sauces, and "Magic Crumbs" seasoning are also available from All Fresh Seafood.

Charleston Seafood Company

Charleston Seafood Company is a great resource for ordering many different types of seafood. Choices include fish, lobster, scallops, shellfish, shrimp, and a variety of specialty seafood items. Specialty choices include alligator sausage and meat, calamari, caviar, frog legs, and caviar. Gift baskets are available, as well as a variety of condiments, cooking supplies, and side dish mixes.

Legal Sea Foods

You don't have to live near a Legal Sea Foods restaurant to enjoy the company's wonderful selection of seafood dishes. You can order a variety of seafood products to cook yourself as well as prepared dishes that are featured on the menu in the popular restaurant change. You can order fresh fish, shrimp, lobster, and even steaks from the company. Prepared dishes include clam chowder, corn and crab chowder, lobster bisque, Rhode Island Red Chowder, and various types of appetizers. Samplers are available if you want to try several options.

Share Your Suggestions

These companies certainly do not represent the only places where you can order fresh seafood for home delivery. Do you have experience with other mail order seafood companies? Share your favorites with readers in the comments section below!


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