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Make Ahead Lunches for Your Work Week, Part 2

Updated on February 20, 2016
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Jaynie is a whiz the kitchen She's a great baker but a far better chef, w/ expertise in making gourmet sandwiches and high-end entrees.


More Delicious Ideas for Your Work Week Lunches

In the Hub, Make Ahead Lunches for Your Work Week, you found 5 tasty ideas for packing innovative, flavorful lunches that can be made simply using healthy ingredients. This hub offers five more days of economical, delicious lunch fare that you can make with little hassle. Perfect for the busy working mother!

Day One: Tuna Salad

You can make a large batch of tuna salad at once that will serve each member of your family or you can portion it out for yourself if you want it more than once in a week. You can fold this into a wrap, eat it on bread or simply dip rice cakes or pita slices into it. Leftovers can be used to make tuna melts for dinner. Just add hard boiled eggs, sliced bacon and slice of Cheddar or pepper jack cheese on rye or sourdough bread.


2 small cans, water packed albacore tuna

1 stalk, diced celery

2 sliced scallions

3-4 slices cucumber, diced

3 tbsp fat free mayo

1 tbsp yellow mustard

Salt, pepper and dill weed to taste


Baby carrots

Fat free pudding

Water w/ lemon


Day Two: Chicken Strawberry Wrap

Rotisseri chicken can be found in most supermarket delis and will yield enough for several wraps. Fruits and veggies can be cut and stored ahead of time so the assembly is easy any time of day or night.


1 cup rotisserie chicken

1/4 cup sliced strawberries

1/4 small red onion (sliced)

1 heaping tbsp feta cheese

Fat-free raspberry vinaigrette

Large whole wheat wrap


Pretzel sticks

Fat-free yogurt

Skim milk

Day Three: Guacamole Wrap

This zesty dip is delicious in a wrap or as a simple dip for tortilla chips. If you choose to make it into a wrap, use Jalapeño wrap and fill add romaine lettuce to bulk it up. You may also add rotisserie chicken if you have leftovers from the strawberry chicken wrap. Guacamole can be stored in an airtight container for one day. For best results, add the avocado seed to the storage container to maximize freshness. Yum!


2 avocados, peeled, seeded and mashed

1 small Jalapeño, minced

1 tbsp lime juice

1 small tomato, seeded and diced

1/2 small red onion, diced

Fresh cilantro

Mash avocado with lime juice. Add other ingredients and combine well. Top with fresh cilantro to taste.


Lo-fat tortilla chips

Pineapple juice or diet lemon-lime soda


Day Four: Hummus and Veggies

This is a simple grab and go lunch with a Greek flare. Veggies can be cut in advance and stored. Hummus can be portioned into smaller containers. This one is delicious!


Hummus (flavor of choice)

Baby carrots

Cucumber slices

Crumbled feta cheese

Kalamata olives

Pita slices


Fat free greek yogurt

2 Snackwell cookies


Day Five: Creative Leftover Lunch

Don't forget the leftovers! Too often we find delicious foods that have been pushed to the back of the fridge or buried under items in the produce drawer. Consider storing items in clear ziplock baggies or clear Tupperware containers for easy viewing. It helps to label all items with an expiration date so you know what's fresh and what's not.

Leftovers that make great lunches:

Pre-sliced fruits and veggies

Cooked chicken breasts or other meats (for sandwiches, wraps or salads)

Tuna or Egg Salad (can be used on sandwiches, wraps, salads or as a dip for chips or veggies)

Salad ingredients without dressing (add that later)

Guacamole, hummus or other dip (these are often much healthier than using mayo on sandwiches and wraps

Other items that can be rewarmed in the microwave (soups, casseroles, meats and potatoes)

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