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Make and Freeze Your Own Homemade Frozen Pizza

Updated on September 16, 2012

Make your own frozen Pizzas

Make your own frozen pizzas and improve the quality of the food you eat while picking all your favorite toppings.
Make your own frozen pizzas and improve the quality of the food you eat while picking all your favorite toppings.

Frozen Pizza - Busy Mom's Best Friend!

As a busy mom of 4 I find that we are often struggling for a quick meal. I usually keep Frozen Pizzas in the freezer for just this reason. We are often on the run. At one time we may have two kids in volleyball and one in soccer and one in dance. So each week we can be running from one activity to another.

The problem with the Frozen Pizza solution was that the nutritional value was only slightly better than cardboard. I would feel guilty calling a frozen pizza supper, but when you don't get home until after 7:00 you just want something quick and easy, so I came up with a variety of quick and easy meals for the family on the go. Homemade frozen pizza is my kids favorite of our quick and easy meals. The best thing is that mom can load it up with whatever ingredients she wants and even "hide" healthy veggies in the sauce.

Custom Made frozen Pizza. How do you beat that?

I favor the KISS method on this one as of right now. I try to "Keep It Simple Stupid" by using primarily store packaged base ingredients. I hope, in the future to find a homemade sauce and crust recipe that I like. If I find that I will certainly pass it along!

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  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Prepare the crust and let rise following the instructions on the package.
  2. Spray the cooking Pan of your choice with cooking spray. Use your fingers to spread the dough across the pan.
  3. When the crust is the desired size, place crust in the overn for 5-7 minutes or until you see a very light brown spot or two on the crust indicating it is slightly cooked.
  4. Add your sauce and ingredients in whatever manner you wouuld like. Frozen Buffalo Chicken Pizza? Sure! Chicken Alfredo? Sure! Super Veggie Pizza? Sure! Whatever your heart desires. Just make sure all meats are pre-cooked prior to placing them on the pizza.
  5. After you have finished with the toppings, place the Pizza in the freezer to "Flash" freeze. About 4-5 hours.
  6. When the pizza is hard, remove from pan (if you haven't already, feel free to freeze on or off the pan) and wrap with saran wrap. Write on the saran wrap with a permenant marker what kind of pizza it is for future reference.
  7. If storing for an extended period of time I recommend also wrapping the pizza in aluminum foil for extra protection from freezer burn.
  8. When you want to eat your frozen pizza, simply remove from the wrapping, place on the pan you originally made the crust on and cook 20-25 minutes or until done.
  9. Enjoy your homemade frozen pizza with quality ingredients!


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    • Mandy M S profile image

      Mandy M S 5 years ago

      Pizza is the favorite food at our house. I like the control we get over the ingredients by making our own. Thanks for checking it out!

    • tobint44 profile image

      Tyler Tobin 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Great idea, my wife and I love homemade pizza, but can never get it to keep (she won't eat it cold like I do.) I am printing this off so that we can add this to our frugal family dinner repertoire.